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    CONFIRMED Alan Browne - Leaves PNE

    Thanks I’ll go back to school before posting on a on a football forum again
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    CONFIRMED Alan Browne - Leaves PNE

    Nice pick up on some grammatical errors
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    CONFIRMED Alan Browne - Leaves PNE

    Don’t cry because these are facts
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    CONFIRMED Alan Browne - Leaves PNE

    still people bat with same old it’s risdale it’s Lowe your all boring we only sold 11k in season tickets and have in the championship a low income and yet we as fans just say the same old shit
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    The Butter Pie Podcast

    Good listen and it can only be a good thing having another pod with a different perspectives on the club.
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    Match Day - PNE v Derby - 5000th League Game - 1/7/20 KO:17:00 - Championship

    What's wrong with Sinclair he needs dropping also what exactly does he expect a 35yr old strike todo on his own