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  1. baldavenger

    The young lad missing in Tenerife

    Currently stands at £70,171!!!! Going to be some send off is this!😮
  2. baldavenger

    Current location of North end fans

    Lechlade on Thames, enjoying a beer in the sunshine with Mrs Baldy and Baldy Jnr. Looking forward to RIAT at the weekend!
  3. baldavenger

    Life Stories - Why are you there?

    Always had a very close connection with Deepdale from birth. Born at RPI in 1961, my Mum was brought up living on Deepdale Rd and I spent a lot of my childhood around there, despite us living in Walton-le-Dale as my grandparents still lived on Deepdale Rd (in the now demolished houses between...
  4. baldavenger

    Who will not Renew their ST with Lowe here.?

    Renewed once more! It was far easier giving up the fags donkeys years ago than kicking this habit!🤣
  5. baldavenger

    Who will not Renew their ST with Lowe here.?

    Nope, I'm in exactly the same boat (although it's only been 50 odd years for me! 🤣 ) I've never paid less attention to football outside of the North End at any time in my life than the last few years!
  6. baldavenger

    Who will not Renew their ST with Lowe here.?

    I'm in two minds this time. Season ticket holder for longer than I care to remember, not really enjoy the product on offer for a couple of years now but the social side of a few beers on a Saturday has kept me going. To some degree there's no dream left in football anymore, the PL and money have...
  7. baldavenger

    Interview with Steve Cowell (Surf)

    Des sells half time draw tickets at Deepdale! Sold me a winner a few years back! His old man used to ref the 7 a sides at Priory, Cow eel (Surf) played a few games for my team, Boddies AFC (Ale Fan Club!) , on there years ago and Des got the odd game when we were short!
  8. baldavenger

    BBC Radio 2 In The Park

    Each to their own, no problem with that.
  9. baldavenger

    BBC Radio 2 In The Park

    I gig quite a lot actually and I've paid way more than that for tickets on a regular basis! My point was to me that line up is not really anything special and largely not to my taste! Manics would be the only band I'd pay to see out of that lot! Suppose it comes down to taste and there's not a...
  10. baldavenger

    BBC Radio 2 In The Park

    Poor line up! Not parting with £65 or £161 for that!
  11. baldavenger

    Car insurance

    Just got my renewal through from M & S. Last year was £580 fully comp with a few add ons. This year for the same car, another year older so worth less, another year no claims (not claimed in my life so thats some 40 years in total!) and the same level of cover they want the princely sum...
  12. baldavenger

    CONFIRMED Leicester at Home (Mon 29th - 8PM - Sky)

    I took a half day flexi time to go on! Worked for North West Water based in Pennine House/St Marys House on the corner of New Hall lane opposite The Rosebud!
  13. baldavenger

    CONFIRMED Leicester at Home (Mon 29th - 8PM - Sky)

    I think you mean St Mary’s St not Road! Not that I’m an expert in the area or anything!😳
  14. baldavenger

    Current location of North end fans

    Keeping tabs from Turkey! Having seen the line up I’ve decided against the ifollow option!😂
  15. baldavenger

    New FA Cup Section (Replays Scrapped)

    Eye up, closet Utd fan!😂🤣😂
  16. baldavenger

    Matchday Thread PNE v Huddersfield Town - 9/4/24 - KO:7.45pm - Championship

    Binning it down in Leyland, due to stop about 2-3pm!
  17. baldavenger

    Scumbags Rock Up Again

    They must like Miller and Carters, the gaffer and I were enjoying a Sunday Lunch in the Manchester Centre one a couple of years ago, several groups of them rocked up, drunk and ate loads,acted like a complete bunch of arseholes and group by group did one without paying! They were only kids too...
  18. baldavenger

    CONFIRMED The Bowler Hat Bar

    Was it the baldy slap head that gave the game away? 🤣
  19. baldavenger

    CONFIRMED The Bowler Hat Bar

    Who's the good looking chap holding his beer aloft on the 2nd pic? 🤣 🍺
  20. baldavenger

    When football was better…

    There is a choice, it is possible to nip "abroad" for a couple of hours whilst the game is on and pay for the stream which sees the club still gets its strreaming fee. But I'm sure the majority would still prefer the dodgy box/firestick method!