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    Summer 2024 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Storey is a decent back up at this level but for me he shouldn't be a guaranteed starter if you want to be challenging for the playoffs and he definitely shouldn't be playing RCB if you want to play any sort of decent possession football. If someone is offering you £3 million (despite the fact...
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    The Ryan Lowe Thread!

    If Ridsdale had done his research properly then the Lowe appointment shouldn’t have happened after Schumacher wasn’t coming. They should have been mutually exclusive. It’s pretty clear to see Lowe doesn’t have a tactically bone in his body and his more of the mouth piece and player side of...
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    Central Defence

    The best I can see in the summer is best as back up for LCB and we bring in someone to replace Bauer. I generally don’t mind playing with Storey or Lindsey but I’d be looking to upgrade the other two spots as soon as we can. Quietly the CBs haven’t been helped by Woodman being out of form...
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    Matchday Thread PNE v Leicester City - 29/04/24 - KO:8PM - Championship

    The centre backs are absolute shite. Defend with 7 most of the time and players still manage to find space with ease. Done with the lot of them, not a single player in this squad I’d be sad to see go.
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    Matchday Thread Southampton v PNE - 16/04/24 - KO:8PM - Championship

    We had one touch in Southampton’s box (from a poor pass from the keeper), never mind a shot.
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    Matchday Thread Southampton v PNE - 16/04/24 - KO:8PM - Championship

    Didn’t go into tonight or the season expecting much but it would have been nice to have a go at least. Even Russell Martin said he thought we’d come out all guns blazing with nothing to lose but seems like Lowe had other ideas. Whatmough spent most of the first half playing as a 4th CB. Holmes...
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    Matchday Thread Southampton v PNE - 16/04/24 - KO:8PM - Championship

    The fact Lowe even came out and admitted that we didn’t sign a RWB as “Potts never gets injured” is so amateurish it’s incredible. The worst part is you know we aren’t going to sign one in the summer.
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    Matchday Thread Southampton v PNE - 16/04/24 - KO:8PM - Championship

    If we’re sticking by this back 5 formation, please can we sign some centre backs? I can’t be watching another season of a back 3 of Lindsey, Storey and Hughes.
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    January 2024 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Stay in Preston and play with Liam Lindsey or move to Italy and play with Jerome Boateng? I know what I would do.
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    Who's in the drawer, Peter?

    For me, Lowe's style of management was an initial success in picking up the squad following Frankie's reign, he gave the fans that much needed positivity and I think both players and fans bought into the promise of the brand and the change in attitude at the club. However, to be a long-term...
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    Is Lowe evolving?

    Start of the season, Lowe went to being honest and humble in interviews. We were lucky on the pitch but with the injuries we had, going 8 games unbeaten was obviously incredible. Since then we’ve gone 7 without winning, 1 “above average” performance in those 7. Lowe is coming out now and...
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    Matchday Thread PNE v Millwall - 21/10/23 - KO:12:30PM - Championship

    Osmajic and Millar for Brady and Holmes.
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    Matchday Thread PNE v Millwall - 21/10/23 - KO:12:30PM - Championship

    Started really well, playing some good passing football. Then sat back and decided we’re allergic to passing to a white shirt and gave them all the momentum. Need to braver on the ball second half.
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    Matchday Thread PNE v Millwall - 21/10/23 - KO:12:30PM - Championship

    Lost count of the amount of goals we’ve conceded this season through diving in and losing 50/50s. Plymouth, Birmingham, today all the same. And that’s just off the top of my head.
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    Matchday Thread Ipswich v PNE - 07/10/23 - KO:3PM - Championship

    Other than Bielsa’s Leeds I think Ipswich are the best coached team I’ve seen at this level. To play attacking football of that quality with players like Chaplin, Burns, Hirst, Morsy and Luongo who have all had mixed careers at Championship level is seriously impressive and it’s obvious McKenna...
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    Matchday Thread Ipswich v PNE - 07/10/23 - KO:3PM - Championship

    Keeping Bauer and re-signing Cunningham and then changing the whole “style of play” to make up for the fact your defenders are absolute pony doesn’t seem like a recipe for long term success.
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    Will we get to the Play Offs?

    Heart over head on this one and voted in the playoffs. We've given ourselves a great chance so far and if you say 73 points are enough to sneak into the play offs that means we need 1.40 points per game (64 points over a full season) which is what we've pretty much done every season since...
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    Matchday Thread PNE v Birmingham City - 19/09/23 - KO:7:45pm - Championship

    Didn’t play well tonight but other than the goal I don’t really remember Birmingham having a particularly good chance. Felt a lot more comfortable that we were going to see that out than any of the other home games. Browne was brilliant second half.
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    Ryan Ledson

    I think the second half pressure was as much down to centre backs losing composure as much as Ledson. I appreciate we aren’t passing it around at the back but it felt like at the start of the second half the back three were set in trying to clear the ball first time on every occasion and felt...
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    Matchday Thread PNE v Plymouth Argyle - 16/09/23 - KO:3PM -Championship

    Brilliant debut by Miller. Thought Whatmough made the world of difference when he came on just by showing a bit of composure.