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  1. Whatafeelinwhatanight

    Is Lowe evolving?

    Chris wilder please if he goes 💯
  2. Whatafeelinwhatanight

    Lowe to Rangers ??

    I’d take Chris wilder or Nathan jones if he was to leave
  3. Whatafeelinwhatanight

    Is Lowe evolving?

    I’d take Nathan jones if he decided to go
  4. Whatafeelinwhatanight

    Sir Bradley Potts

    Oh forgot to say WE ARE TOP THE LEAGUE
  5. Whatafeelinwhatanight

    Sir Bradley Potts

    Potts been solid think he is lowes favourite player in the squad when Ramsey is fit how’s he going to get in the team can’t remember last game at home when Potts had a bad game👍
  6. Whatafeelinwhatanight

    Matchday Thread PNE v Swansea City - 26/08/23 - KO:3pm - Championship

    Mads ran his boots into the ground doing lots of off the ball work when put on the left settling in really well Swansea are no mugs great result!! RLSWA COYW
  7. Whatafeelinwhatanight

    Prediction League PNE v Swansea - 26/08/23 - Championship

    3-1 COYW GIT UP MUSH Mads 2 Keane 1 16400
  8. Whatafeelinwhatanight

    Summer 2023 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Would you rather have a transfer window like last season 😂
  9. Whatafeelinwhatanight

    Summer 2023 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    How many season tickets sold upto now anyone know bought mine yesterday