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    Exam results

    Interesting that Scotland have had to backtrack on their decision. With rest of teh Country A level this Thursday and GCSE next week wonder whether we will see the same here. Stressful enough and now people are going through another rollercoaster because they've decided meddling was better than...
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    As much as I like to revel in their demise due to work colleagues it seems a terrible decision though their finances make ours look quite respectable. Seemingly they still owe over £80m in transfer fees hence the fire sale but sacking Howe seems stupid. They aren’t that big a club and without...
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    Positives from Today

    Didn’t get wet walking back to the car
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    Live music

    The BBC iPlayer is killing me with the Glastonbury channels this weekend. So much stuff to dive in and out of. Oasis from the early 90s, Kylie, Disclosure, The Cure, Foo Fighters, Friendly’s a weekend of distraction at least
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    Digital Economies

    I know there was some mention of Bitcoin in other threads the other week but interesting that VISA have seemingly patented a fiat currency idea using blockchain Given this was seemingly a time where things are being...
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    Yeah, I had corona virus too. So did my imaginary friend

    The coronavirus is a made up thing and you’ve all fallen for it. Discuss. thread started by Jake Aged 44 1/12
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    AFC Wimbledon 18 years ago today

    Nice reminiscing moment from one of their original founders. Hell of an 18 years for them
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    Coronavirus - work impact

    Based on a conversation on the other thread. If people are willing, what state are people now in work wise given what's happened. All anonymous unless people want to add details but how big an impact has it had on peoples work. I know many people have shared their circumstances already and it's...
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    Coronavirus finance/economy shizzle

    Know this is the stuff of boredom for lots and also lots of stress for many but it seems pertinent. I know people will have taken hits on their personal finances, wages, savings, pensions you name it but how do people see themselves and also the bigger picture panning out. it’s been a weird...
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    Coronavirus science and statistics(no politics)

    In the interests of the quiet majority, both this thread and the existing one are interesting places currently but to allow the science and the analysis a safe place please use this thread to discuss those aspects only. If people wish to use the same link/piece for a political point then by all...
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    Corona - the fluffy unicorn future thread

    So at some point this will be over and we’ll all be “during the coronavirus” like Uncle Albert, but anyone want to think about the future post this It’s pretty unprecedented this as compared to wars where people/countries recovered in different ways this looks like it will need to be a global...
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    Home schooling support thread

    For the parents out there. (and grandparents/siblings who I know may be providing support from afar) Basically just a corner of the internet for you to come and sit in the corner and cry your eyes out for the next 3 months.....
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    Budget 2020

    Guess it's an interesting one for once, Brexit, corona, a new Chancellor with only weeks preparation. Any other predictions bar the communist driven mass investment in infrastructure that is unaffordable already announced Guessing pension reform may be kicked in the long grass given the last...
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    Phillip Schofield

    1) The fact that someone being who they are is still headline news in this day in age 2) The fact that my second thought was which shitty tabloid was preparing to out him at the idea if one was but it's just the fact I can have an immediate suspicion that it was the reason behind...
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    Post Hexit Preston

    I won’t do a poll, but everyone post their preferred new owners who will match their ambitions for the club 3...2...1... Go
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    Brian McBride appointed US General Team Manager

    Seems not the coach but involved in player development and stuff. Glad to see he’s still involved though
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    Bournemouth put new stadium on hold

    So given the recent use of Bournemouth as a suggestion of how easy it is to reach the prem and gain the rewards they've announced today that after 2 years work they are having to stall their plans for a new ground and training arena. Some of the clubs statement is telling "Being a Premier...
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    BAE to announce 1000s of job losses

    Many at Warton by the sounds of it BAE Systems to axe over 1,000 UK jobs amid Typhoon slowdown - Sky News
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    "Moneyball" - have we adopted the model too?

    Brentford bias to the article but looking at signings of the last couple of years, young, untapped sources, wildcards almost witha hope of making a return on them
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    Child abuse in youth football

    Not really sure if General Football or news was better for this as it's pretty harrowing stuff, never had heard this story before. Back in the day you remember Crewe as being that club that was always lauded for it's youth policies and yet something like this was happening at the same time. Took...