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  1. Minty pne

    Man v Fat Football Taking place at West View lesuire centre every Thursday. Idea is simple, play football and lose weight. All you have to do is pay a £10 deposit and you get it back after the the first season. Just click on the link to register. Registration is 13th...
  2. Minty pne

    England v India Test Match Series

    India currently 164-6 Curran with 4 wickets! Been a good couple of sessions. Hopefully be a exiting series!
  3. Minty pne


    Benevento's goalkeeper scored in injury time to earn them their first point of the season and in Serie A history. Unbelievable stuff.
  4. Minty pne

    Scoring from free-kicks etc

    Might seem a weird topic, but it's nice to see we are scoring from free-kicks and corners lately. Last season Clarke, Huntington and Wright couldn't score from that situation for love nor money. Thanks to Gally's deliveries and Johnson yesterday. Good to see we're adding this to our game.
  5. Minty pne

    Rovers on Sky 1

    Anyone been watching this? Surprised Sue Johnston and Craig Cash put themselves in it. Don't find it funny myself.
  6. Minty pne

    Final England squad for Euro 2016

  7. Minty pne

    Lambert to leave Rovers.

    Didn't last long ;)
  8. Minty pne

    Trevor Kettle

    He strikes again! Unbelievable :thumbsdown:
  9. Minty pne

    Suspicions over tennis match fixing Interesting read. Wouldn't surprise me if true.
  10. Minty pne

    Murder inquiry after Women found dead

    A 63 year old man has been arrested
  11. Minty pne

    Next two home games

    What do we reckon then? Reading and Birmingham. Reading just sacked Clarke and should have a new manager in. Really impressed what Rowett has done at Birmingham. Can we get 6 points, but for me if we are going to win at Burnley we have to follow it up at home.
  12. Minty pne


    What a difference he has made since coming back into the side. Scoring 2 against Charlton and he could have scored yesterday. He ran the show in midfield yesterday. Glad he's captain while Clarke is out. Onto Bolton next week!
  13. Minty pne

    Hull away

    Ticket prices have been announced and are on sale!
  14. Minty pne

    Will Garner stay if we don't go up?

    Yes or no?
  15. Minty pne

    Chesterfield tickets

    This is what is available for Chesterfield: 2,112 supporters can be seated. If demand requires it then additional seating can also be made available in the Spencers Solicitors Community Stand. Will we sell out?
  16. Minty pne

    Chris Sedgwick has retired

    What a way to end his career. Always gave 100% in a PNE shirt. Always remember his goal against Crewe in the FA Cup. Good luck Sedge in whatever you do in the future!
  17. Minty pne

    Football league awards

    It's the football league awards tonight. Here's a link, they are streaming live on YouTube from 8:20., the link. Wish Garner all the best, he's up for a couple of awards!
  18. Minty pne

    Jamie Jones back to PNE

    Found this tweet about Jones: @guy_clarke93: Grayson says he isn't expecting to do any business in the loan market though Jamie Jones has returned from Coventry this morning #pnefc
  19. Minty pne

    Jack King

    Should have started today for me. Clarke is obviously not 100% fit. Just a bad day at the office. Forget about today and move onto Swindon on Tuesday! UTW
  20. Minty pne


    Oldham away in the next round, thoughts?