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    Euxton Training Ground

    Just seen this on Twitter as someone has found this in the paper. Could make a lot of sense if we was to buy it, can anyone confirm if this is true perhaps?
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    Squad in Spain

    Just been announced that there will be a 2-week mandatory quarantine for arrivals from Spain. Which is worrying when you realise at least 5/6 north end players are in Ibiza as we speak.
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    John Kay

    Just been told by a mate, that he believes that our Chief Executive Officer John Kay has just left the club. If this is true this could be a start of a massive overhaul of the club. Been here since 2014 and obviously didn’t do much to help the fanzone or even push for the new training ground to...
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    Is it time for Hemmings to finally go?

    We’ve come to expect disappointment recently. Remember when we signed Harrop and Pearson from United. Pearson won the prestigious young player of the year at United. And now all we are doing is signing players from Exeter standard. Joe Savage the recruitment manager who Neil brought in...
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    Summer Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    not trying to start anything, but it’d be great if we looked to sign from abroad; with Neil speaking of the German league, and having Bauer it’d give us more of a chance bringing abroad players over, hopefully. I’m really clutching on straws here.