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    Bolton Game Significance

    A win against Bolton and transfer issues will be put on the back burner, but a loss could see the good work of the last couple of years begin to unravel. Feels like it's going to be one of those decisive matches where there's an underlying extra significance. Saturday really is a big game for...
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    What Did We Learn Tonight?

    Obviously it's only the League Cup but is there anything to take away from tonight's performance? The flipside is, could the result mask our front line issues and be the deciding factor in not recruiting an experienced striker this week? Double-edged sword...
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    Will we be on TV?

    Are we likely to be on TV next week given that our game involves the play offs and relegation? When is the TV schedule due to be announced?
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    Wycombe Away Question (Baby on board)

    It looks like the youngest and I are going to be home alone tomorrow. Given that home is in Buckinghamshire, Wycombe away is only about 30 mins drive away. However, the youngest is only 14 months old. The question is, what is Wycombe like for away supporters these days? I haven't been there...
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    What Would Be An Acceptable Finish This Season?

    Firstly welcome aboard AN, probably not my first choice but certainly not my last, and with all new managers, he will have my full backing. If SG was still in charge, rightly or wrongly, anything other than a top half finish would probably have been seen as backwards step, instead of us pushing...
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    Phil Brown

    A dig at Uncle Trev...?
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    Happy With Transfer Deals?

    Overall, happy or not? Yes, no or meh?
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    Is the size of a football club's Twitter following a reasonable gauge to the size of a football club? PNE have 45.5k by the way, a comparatively low following.
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    Look Up or Look Down?

    As things currently stand, we are 5 points above the relegation zone and 8 points off a play-off place. The general feeling amongst fans so far seems to have been that the prime objective this season is to stay up and if we do that, then we'll have had a good season. I am of this opinion...
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    Corporate Hospitality Question

    After a week in The Lakes this week, it turns out that I'm going to be in Preston on Saturday. I'm going to be with my girlfriend and our 10 month old son so am thinking that corporate may be the best option. Firstly, is corporate a good option for a little one and secondly, if so, which...
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    Likelihood of First Game being on TV?

    Play-off final winners of League 1 at home to play-off final losers of the Championship - any chance of it being on tv? Personally, I hope not as it would reduce the crowd and possiblly the atmosphere. We will be on tv a lot more next season though.
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    This Week

    I think we should start to see a bit more action this week. Carling Cup draw tomorrow at 10am (PNE are seeded). League fixtures released on Wednesday at 9am - always an exciting time! I reckon we'll start to see a bit of movement on the incoming players front too. Reading between the lines...
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    League One Team of the Season

    A football thread... From a Scunny perspective! LEAGUE One has been awash with a fair amount of talent during the season just finished. Not surprisingly, the three promoted...
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    It Doesn't Feel Like A Big Matchday

    No real enthusiasm or excitement on here and I'm probably including myself in that - and yet, today really is a massive day for PNE. I can't recall us ever going into a big game with such a low key build up.
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    Head To Head

    These are our head-to-head results this season against the other 3 play-off contenders in league games... Preston 3-0 Swindon Sat 25 Apr W Chesterfield 0-2 Preston Tue 10 Feb W Sheff Utd 2-1 Preston Sat 10 Jan L Swindon 1-0 Preston Tue 4 Nov L Preston 3-3 Chesterfield Tue 16 Sep D Preston...
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    Will We Go Up In The Play-offs?

    The morning after the day before, how are people feeling about our chances? Tenth time lucky or same old same old?
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    Last Chance

    For Grayson? If we don't go up (which is a reasonable assumption) what changes, if any, are made? Does SG get another bite at the cherry or is it his last chance?
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    Who Was There?

    On this day in 1938, the first televised FA Cup Final, 1-0 to the PNE against Huddersfield via a penalty from George Mutch. Anybody on here watch it tv or, even better, at Wembley?! (31 years before I was born, so it's a no from me!)
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    PNE Are Back!!

    Let's win these last two games now!
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    Adam Johnson Arrested For Underage Sex

    He's 27, she's 15 - allegedly.