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    Old West Stand lettering

    Does anyone have any idea what year those letters were put up?! Before the STF stand was built we of course had the Old West Stand. The words Preston North End FC were on the back of it in huge iron lettering. Well, i bought the ‘O’ from those letters from ebay last year and i was wondering...
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    Are we mathematically safe ?!

    Not joking. Bad fixtures, in a slump Are we safe this year?!
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    Under the cosh - Kenna

    Not sure if people have seen this - but a great true (funny) insight to stories at pne. Fuller, moyes, tepi etc !
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    Classic North End derby (90 mins)

    If anyone else needed a 90 min fix! What a game ...
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    Right Back Spot

    I will always love super tommy clarke, and i am NOT a player basher....however, Darnel and Raff give so much more going forward and possibly also now in defence also. I think its poss easier to step into centre back and perform such as hunts does, but left and right backs now often face...
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    Storm Dennis

    Any danger of our game being off?
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    loved today, solid win Not the type to point the finger at any pne player but that ‘tackle’ by ledson (which resulted in hudds making a sub) was idiotic at best. The game could have turned on its head after that given the long stoppage i get his game is being tough in the tackle, but it...
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    Limited choice - helped us?

    I could be wrong, but when we had that dreadful run at the start of the season, perhaps AN did not know his best 11, or formation to suit? Too much choice? Maybe being forced to the depths of our squad has forced his hand - work with what we have got mentality and get the best out of what is...
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    Nmechas Goal

    Shame Barky didn’t give Nmecha the chance to celebrate his strike?! Great win tonight pne
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    Alex - An idea to help our defence and team . . .

    Dear Alex and Team You have my full support and that will not change! Just a thought to try and help concentration levels at the back; when we score a goal - rather than the players all running to the scorer to celebrate, why don't we just acknowledge that we have scored and then...
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    Boyle - Weight?!

    Im not really one to post negative comments about pne, but looking at Boyle run, to me he looks like he is carrying far more weight than a pro footballer should?! Anyone else think so?! Alround poor today - need couple of good results before season ends for pre-season positivity
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    Safety achieved...

    As far as i am concerned - we are now into bonus points time After first 7 games we would have loved to be in this position, so enjoy it! We are making steady progress with no money and have some very good Championship players in the team, worth much more than we paid (for all of them)...
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    McGeady - Class

    I'm going to enjoy the last few months of McGeady playing for us, it is highly unlikely we will have him next year of course. I think he could be the most naturally gifted footballer that i have seen play for us (im 34 years old). Yes, he doesn't always get it right with end product, and...
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    Number 7 Shirt

    Brilliant to see a left footer (Horgan) wearing Sir Tom's famous number. I cant recall our last left footer to wear number 7?!
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    A fair few clubs this year have said

    That playing against us was there worst performance of the season Seems none of them realise that our game plan outwitted them?! After seeing the derby lad crying on the bus, made me realise not the first time we have heard that this season! It doesnt surprise us anymore that we are head to...
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    Will Keane NOT on man utd bench today

    Thought he was recalled to play?! Probably suggests he pushed for his return to united and prefers not getting a game. Did we miss him today?
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    Preston North End TV Clips 80's 90's

    great memories!
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    Wembley Pics / Merch...

    Wembley Pics / Merch.... Does the pne shop stock any pics / merch from the swindon game? Failing that, does anyone know where i can get some good quality pics from that day? Im really keen to get the one of becks once he got the 3rd and he is running towards the growd (going mental!) ... Im...
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    Simon Grayson - PNE Record Breaker

    Various records now broken No one can argue with this Well done Simon Grayson We are lucky to have you and the way you run this club is superb Proud Preston
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    Pne on soccer am