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  1. Sid Snot

    Can you name every club to win the European Cup? 22 teams - 3 minutes. 11/22 (a bit of a stinky effort really)
  2. Sid Snot

    Name the UK stadiums to host European finals Careful - spelling and terminology can be tricky. 10/20. Sorry mods - could you move it out of sticky please? :):)
  3. Sid Snot

    40 years of FA Cup goalscorers - 20 minutes - 82 answers Hint - Smith (Brighton) isn't one of them ;)
  4. Sid Snot

    Five minutes - a bit of fun 9/10 (3 guesses, 2 of them good). #8 tripped me up.
  5. Sid Snot

    Thirty minutes of serious brainache
  6. Sid Snot

    Five minutes of not-so-serious brainache I got 5. Story of my life - 'Could do better'.
  7. Sid Snot

    Another ten minutes of brain teasing (the answers to which are all wrong)
  8. Sid Snot

    Ten minutes of brain teasing
  9. Sid Snot

    Thirty minutes (yeah, right) of brain-teasing

    I haven't even looked yet - maybe later ;)
  10. Sid Snot

    Five and a half minutes of brain teasing

    Plenty of good clues. I got 10/11.
  11. Sid Snot

    Five minutes of brain teasing
  12. Sid Snot

    Luton fire manager Graeme Jones

    "in order to reduce its cost base" Rhyl FC was the start.
  13. Sid Snot

    How do I upload .mp4 videos from my laptop to the forum?

    I admit I'm a bit thick it comes to tech stuff. Any and all advice (as long as it's clean and painless) gratefully accepted (y) (Sorry, shouldn't be a sticky. Proves my point above ?)
  14. Sid Snot

    Gobbler's Knob

    "Thousands of people gathered Saturday at Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, to watch a famous groundhog deliver his highly anticipated forecast. Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his burrow around 7:30 a.m. ET and did not see his shadow, predicting an early spring for us all...
  15. Sid Snot

    Salsa in Bury

    Our mod, Patrick, has tried to post (twice) details of his fund raising 'exercise' on behalf of Bury Hospice. Unforeseen circumstances have removed his posts. On his behalf (and unknown to him) here's the link... "Strictly Best Foot...
  16. Sid Snot

    Cotterill sacked

    From BBC - Birmingham City have sacked manager Steve Cotterill following five straight Championship defeats, reports BBC WM. Blues lost 2-1 at Nottingham Forest on Saturday to remain two points adrift of safety in 22nd with 11 games remaining. Former Bristol City boss Cotterill, who was...
  17. Sid Snot

    Happy Birthday, Mr Bennett!

    All the very best :thumbsup:. Sid
  18. Sid Snot

    Joanpne's father

    Just an fyi to let you know that Joan's father passed away last weekend, in Sir Tom Finney House, after a long and courageous battle with cancer. Rest in Peace and sincere condolences.
  19. Sid Snot

    Match day Thread. Fulham v North End

    This will probably be a thread for just one. The rest have you have buggered off to the metrollops.
  20. Sid Snot

    Jack the Ripper was from Preston There's a plaque on the wall of a building in town (Winckley Street) advertising the fact he was born there.