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  1. Eccywhite

    Daniel Sturridge

    Terminated his contract with Trabzonspor and is a free agent. Worth a punt or outside our scope?
  2. Eccywhite


    We have sent Colin packing twice this season. Would be nice to give old bacon face’s buddy a warm new year’s welcome tomorrow.
  3. Eccywhite

    Hull away

    Only £12 a ticket or £20 with coach travel. Just short of 1000 tickets available. Can we sell them all for another cracking atmosphere?
  4. Eccywhite

    Why so much anti Grayson stuff?

    We've made a great start to the season and long may it continue. However, I don't really understand the level of anti Grayson sentiment around. Whether you like his style or not, he rescued us from the Westley ants, gave us a great day at Wembley, cemented our position in the Championship and...
  5. Eccywhite

    A sad passing

    Last night I learned of the sad passing of Paul McKenna's mum, Barbara. She was a stalwart of the club while Paul was there with her training ground catering and was somewhat of an auntie to the players. She was also a great supporter of local grass roots football and superb fundraiser. Many on...
  6. Eccywhite

    Belokon's bank raided

    Belokon's Latvian bank raided by Latvian police. Blackpool trying to withdraw their funds from the bank. Source of funds invested in Blackpool FC appear to be somewhat dubious. The gift keeps on giving!
  7. Eccywhite


    Disgusting. The man is a blatant cheat. An absolute disgrace. Free kick was marginal that they scored from. Pearson was flattened by Barton. Definite penalty on Beckford. It is hard being a ref but this guy is just bent!
  8. Eccywhite

    Pearson, Wright & Browne

    Three youngsters with the potential to be the backbone of our side for years to come. All still learning their trade and none are the finished article. Yet all three have great potential. I despair when I read some comments on here but what concerns me more are the howls of derision from our...
  9. Eccywhite

    Bailey Wright

    Just gets better and better. At a time when we have struggled with injuries to defenders he has stepped up and been absolutely immense. Too small or too slow anyone?
  10. Eccywhite

    Tactical genius!

    Playing Gally in a deep lying role was the stroke of a genius. He ran the show from the start until he left the field. Not many saw that one - except perhaps Grayson!
  11. Eccywhite

    The Holy Trinity flag

    PNE flags have done some sterling work in designing flags. I was thinking about the holy trinity that Utd have of Best, Law and Charlton and the Everton trio of Ball, Kendal and Harvey and wondered if we could create a Holy Trinity flag. If so who would you have? Me, I'd go for Docherty, Finney...
  12. Eccywhite

    Roop watch

    Possibly the most bizarre thing I saw yesterday. Was on the coach on the A40 out of London and we passed Roop cycling down the inside lane with his flag tied round his neck. Had a double take moment.
  13. Eccywhite

    no bottle, no guts, no spirit

    And that is referring to some of the idiots on here. Up we go.
  14. Eccywhite


    Over recent weeks on here there have been several posts bemoaning Grayson's preferred 4-5-1 formation with only one recognised striker. There have been references to this being a negative formation and showing a lack of ambition with a clamour to play two upfront. Last week we battered Norwich...
  15. Eccywhite

    Only 1244 tickets for Sheff Utd....

    As the title says. Doesn't seem many to be honest - sure we've had more in the past.
  16. Eccywhite

    St Ledger back tomorrow

    and in squad for Saturday
  17. Eccywhite

    Bradford Tickets on Sale

    1800 allocated - another sell out?
  18. Eccywhite

    What is Trevor going to do..........................

    With no one to sack at Christmas time? Humbug!!!!!!!!
  19. Eccywhite

    Anyone notice.....

    amid all the negativity that we are a point closer to the playoffs after yesterday's match than we were before it! Off to refill my glass - its only half full!
  20. Eccywhite

    Throw ins

    I remember the days that Grezza would throw short to Mckenna who would give it back to Grezza and away we would go. Now we get a toss it up effort down the line hoping for a flick on - the sort of thing you see in an under 11s match!!! Why not simply throw it to the opposition as they normally...