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  1. Baldygit

    Big announcement tomorrow?

    We quite often make big announcements on a Thursday or Friday so I wonder if tomorrow is the big day to announce new player signing, new contract signing or training ground future. Fingers crossed that it's all three or at least the first two.
  2. Baldygit

    Sheffield Wednesday 12 point deduction

    Sheffield Wednesday given 12 point deduction - applies to next season
  3. Baldygit


    Now we know which league we will definately be in next season, how many will re-new, how many will will wait to see where we are at Christmas before buying half season ticket and how many have just had enough and won't re-newi?
  4. Baldygit

    Next excuse

    Unfortunately I can see us starting the season worse (result wise) than last season. What will the excuse be: The team need time to gel and get used to managers system The team is young and lacking experience We did play well but we were unlucky Must lift our heads, dust ourselves down and get...
  5. Baldygit

    Leeds game now on Sky Sports Action (Confirmed)

    I thought I had read somewhere that PNE have been chosen for a Wednesday sky match in April. Anyone else seen this?
  6. Baldygit

    Time for youngsters

    Time to get the youngsters off the bench (if only or the last 20mins). What have we to lose? If they are good enough for the bench then they are surely good enough to get some first team action
  7. Baldygit

    Betting odds

    What odds PNE making Play offs or even getting automatic? According to some on here we have seen some poor football from teams above us (weren't they all?) and we really only lost because Lady Luck (and injuries/suspensions) had forsaken us
  8. Baldygit

    Forum Security

    Don't know how long it has been so but I see that pne-online is NOT SECURE. Surely the forum should be secure
  9. Baldygit


    May comes on in extra time and Burnley score :). Aberdeen have given a good account of themselves
  10. Baldygit

    Usain Bolt

    Worth a try? :cool: Think of all the bums he would put on seats. MOM tonight in Water Aid Charity Match
  11. Baldygit

    Villa in trouble?

    It appears that Villa may be in trouble over the Financial Fair Play rules. Already John Terry has abandoned the sinking ship - he was on £60k a week - and many more of their players having to leave to try and balance the books. I wonder what will happen to Steve Bruce as he too must be on a...
  12. Baldygit

    Huddersfield survive

    A plucky rear guard action by Huddersfield saw them draw 1 - 1 with Chelsea and survive relegation. This is the first time that all three teams promoted to the Premiership have survived. Congratulations - it shows what can be achieved if you are determined enough
  13. Baldygit

    Player of the month

    Sean Maguire shortlisted for POTM. Sorry if this is posted elsewhere but can't see it.
  14. Baldygit

    Travel to Sunderland

    Met Office warning raised from yellow to amber for period 7am tomorrow to 9am Sunday and strongly advise people to avoid all trans Pennine routes including M60/62. A 10cm snowfall is expected.
  15. Baldygit

    Kit usage

    Yellow kit used for cup game against Sheffield United - result - lack lustre performance. White main kit used for game against Nottingham Forest - result - good to excellent performance. Are players affected subconsciously for the better when wearing our true colours?
  16. Baldygit

    Lucketti sacked

    Bury have sacked their manager. Good luck for the future Chris
  17. Baldygit

    Do we really want promotion

    I know I will be blasted but I honestly think Championship football is more exciting and unpredictably than Premiership especially for the likes of PNE. OK so there would be some more money but by the time the higher wages, transfer fees etc are paid we would hardly be better off. Football wise...
  18. Baldygit


    FFS PNE sort out the audio. Just kicked off and off goes the audio. This is the 21stC - throw your 12thC equipment
  19. Baldygit

    Selling club

    With bids of silly money coming in for our players will the club weaken and return to being a "selling club" or will we continue to build a team of hungry young footballers willing and able to make a push for promotion. I hope it's the latter.
  20. Baldygit

    Advice to pne players

    Please think carefully before jumping ship especially to Sunderland. If Alex Neil is appointed it shows that the club owner is intent on getting promotion to the Premiership and believes we have the players to do so. Alex Neil has experience in getting teams promoted to both the Scottish and...