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    Summer Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    I don't understand. How are we weaker when the only player who would potentially have been a first teamer to go was Tom Clarke? You could argue that other clubs have strengthened but not all have and the window is still open
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    Match Day - Derby County v PNE - 15/09/20 - KO:18:30 - League Cup 2nd Rnd

    Scored one v. Bournemouth in a League Cup game at Deepdale and then missed one in the shootout.
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    Summer Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Three quotes from DJ's piece in tomorrow's programme ( he's featured on the front cover): This time last year "I didn't think I was going to be here but the window shut and I got the opportunity." "I have aspirations and I have goals and I want to push on." Being made captain against Brentford...
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    Season Card 20/21 Details (Confirmed) - Latest Club Update 22/09(Page 97)

    There's talk of "certain team sports " being excluded so let's see what King Boris has to say tomorrow.
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    Hopefully back in stadiums from October.

    Meanwhile the infection rate takes a big jump...
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    Minimum needed to persuade you to renew your season ticket

    That's what happened to my daughters and their families when Ryan Air refused to refund flights to Mallorca. Cost them well over a grand between them.
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    Euxton Training Ground

    It would have been interesting to eavesdrop on the talks between Peter Ridsdale, who left Leeds in such a financial mess, and Gerald Krasner, who had to clear it up and is doing the same for Wigan.
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    Rumour.. (Rudd Injury)

    Sounds like a repeat of a couple of years ago when we started the season with Maxwell in goal after a very similar sounding injury to Rudd.
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    Neil Out?

    Officially Cook resigned with no job to go to so compensation wouldn't be required
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    This corona virus thing...

    All non essential travel to ANY part of Spain now not recommended by HM Govt.
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    Interesting PNE Trivia

    There can't have been many times when a father and son have played for the first team in the same season but I think the year big Sam was caretaker player manager his son Craig featured briefly in a game as well.
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    Alex Neil Calls Out Trevor Hemmings

    Two points: Prices have risen massively since we signed Healy, who would be worth a lot more than £1.5m nowadays. If AN is such a bad manager why would anyone else want to poach him?
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    Alex Neil

    With some exceptions (e.g. Wigan & Barnsley away) we had been playing poorly well before lockdown, especially at home. The pressing game requires all the players to perform near maximum most of the time and we just couldn't keep it going and went into our shell. We don't have enough Gregan type...
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    Alex Neil

    Sustaining it over 46 games takes more than we currently have.
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    Alex Neil

    It's understandable to be disappointed at the season petering out but a dose of harsh reality is needed. We were in a good position for a long time but the season is 46 games, not 30. We lacked the depth of quality in the squad to continue with a high intensity pressing game so reverted to...
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    Summer Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Shows the current cost of a Scottish Premier League striker who's about the same level as Stevie May.
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    Summer Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Interesting to read that Aberdeen accepted a £2m offer from a French 2nd division team for their striker Cosgrove but he turned down the move.
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    Why the lack of confidence?

    Spot on. How many times do we get more than two attackers in the box when we have an opportunity to cross or check back inside instead of shooting?
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    Match Day - PNE v Cardiff City - Championship - 27/06/20 - KO:12:30 pm

    complain about the lack of goals but I think it's telling that we've kept only 2 clean sheets in the last 17, both away (Stoke and Barnsley)