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    Championship Striker Investment

    Lunchtime boredom mixed with the usual PNE disappointment. Only looking at transfer fees paid, obviously wages are a big factor too but we broke the structure for Sinclair, why would we not do it for a quality striker? *Undisclosed fees are estimates found on the internet. Barnsley Woodrow -...
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    Team for Brentford

    Love me some Fisher but I wouldn't drop anyone after the last two games. Rudd Rafferty, Bauer, Huntington, Storey, Hughes Potts, Ledson, DJ Stockley, Barkhuizen
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    There was a question at the weekend about whether these players care and I gave them the benefit of the doubt but fuck that, they don't give a shit. Absolutely zero desire, a pathetic performance in a huge six pointer and they walk off the pitch like it was a friendly. They should be head in...
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    Your team for the restart.

    Who would be your starting eleven for the first game back, assuming they're Corona free? Rudd Fisher, Bauer, Davies, Hughes Pearson, Browne Maguire, Johnson, Sinclair Barkhuizen Ripley, Rafferty, Huntington, Gallagher, Bodin, Harrop, Nugent Allows to mix it up in terms of shape, like...
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    Team for Swansea

    Transfer window is finished for us, so onto the football. Same team that beat Barnsley? I didn't really follow that one, what sort of shape was it? Whoscored has Barky & Sinclair as both playing up front.
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    QPR team

    Fisher sounds like he could be available. Maguire needs a kick up the ass so i'd give Harrop a go. It's also hard to play our usual game with Stockley up front, I think i'd give Nugent a run out who is a bit more mobile. DJ is wasted deeper but think Browne's pressing from the front is useful...
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    Team for Huddersfield

    Score first against these and i'd be confident about getting the 3pts, organised side under the Cowley's but heavily reliant on Grant, not much attacking threat overall. DJ's injury sounds like a severe dead leg (?), hopefully he's available. Rudd Fisher, Bauer, Davies, Rafferty Ledson...
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    If I was being positive..

    I'm not going to read much into our loss at Millwall, we're notoriously slow starters (pre-season schedule not challenging enough?) and I feel our team will evolve a lot over the next 5 or 6 games. Fisher back in at right back, with Bodin, Bayliss & Green slotting in. Hopefully it highlights...
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    Could have beens

    Since we've returned to the Championship, a team of players we've supposedly missed out on/ not stumped up the cash for... ??? Tendayi Darikwa - ??? - ??? - ??? ??? - ??? Josh Windass - Kasey Palmer - Adam Armstrong Keiffer Moore Would it be better than our current mob?
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    Development Team

    Is this just a rumour or are we putting one in place? Any news of the Sheff Wed & Bolton players we had on trial?
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    Team vs Brentford

    Pearson isn't playing by the sounds of it and Browne has a dodgy ankle and probably isn't worth risking. Probably no point risking Potts even if he reappears. Ripley Rafferty, Huntington, Davies, Fisher Gallagher, Johnson Nmecha, Maguire, Robinson Stockley Hopefully Baxter can get some time...
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    City Centre Investment

    Ever known Preston to have so many developments in the centre at one time? Adelphi Quarter, New cinema complex, restaurants and car park on the old indoor market, Shankly Hotel, Miller Park Hotel, Caxton Hotel planned for Friargate, Booths HQ apartments rennovation, 'Urban park' at the bus...
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    Wigan away - Ticket Details (2500+ Sold)

    £30 a ticket and only allocated 4,240, despite Norwich getting a full allocation of 5,000.
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    Hanging on the edge but have a slightly easier run-in than Cardiff, although Southampton's remaining fixtures look very favourable. Huge game on the 13th at home to Cardiff, although I imagine it will be the pits in terms of entertainment. Cardiff's game in hand away at Brighton could be...
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    Team for Boro

    Their fans aren't happy, hate the football and most seem fuming about Pulis' negative subs, took off Assombalonga for George Friend after an hour to protect their 1-0 lead.... Rudd Clarke, Storey, Davies, Hughes Pearson, Johnson Potts, Browne, Nmecha Maguire
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    Our Biggest Rivalry

    With us having three local games in this division and me not really classing any of them as a proper rivalry I thought i'd see what other people think. I've made a poll where you can pick two options. For me it's obviously Blackpool but I suppose it depends where you live and how long you've...
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    Lineup vs Swansea

    Team for Swansea I'm hoping New Goalkeeper Clarke/ New RB - Huntington - Storey - Hughes Pearson, Gallagher Potts - Browne - Barkhuizen Stockley Rudd, Fisher, Woods/Earl, Johnson, Barker/Ginnelly, Nmecha, Maguire Suddenly looks much more healthy.
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    Team for Forest

    Assuming Clarke can play in a weird mask thing and the other two are fit enough to start. Maxwell Clarke, Storey, Davies, Earl Pearson, Gallagher Barkhuizen, Browne, Barker Moult Storey has performed better than Hunts and Davies is our best defender, midfield and attack almost picks...
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    Team for Saturday

    Well we look a bit f*cked in the attacking department, how would you rectify it if you were Alex Neil? Assuming we've no Browne, on top of Maguire & DJ's injuries. Rudd Clarke, Huntington, Davies, Earl Pearson, Gallagher Barkhuizen, Robinson, Barker Nmecha I'm no fan of Rudd but he has to...
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    Team v West Brom

    ---------------Maxwell Fisher - Huntington - Davies - Hughes ---------Pearson - Johnson ------Barker - Browne - Barkhuizen --------------Robinson We're going to win 4-3