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    8 points off playoffs

    8 points off playoffs with 38 games to go. 2 injuries to major players who we will get back, not had same team due to red cards, 2 rough diamonds from city who may well turn out to be the finds of our season, transfer window in January when new signings will come in. We have the nucleus of a...
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    have a good look at ourselves

    I am an infrequent poster and visitor to the site and have come on to have a look and am amazed at level of hatred towards GW. I think he was on a loser from the start with lots of people doubting if he was the man for the job and "I will give him 6 months" etc etc He has disasmebled one squad...
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    After reading the posts on the kesserling episode I felt obliged to come on and say how sad it was reading some the posts on there. Maybe it was high jinx, personal vendetta, low self esteem and people making themselves feel better. At the present moment after the death of gary Speed, Dean...
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    why the BD love in????

    Just a quick question why is everyone going on about BD and him being the saviour and the answer to north ends problems. He has a reasonable track record in the league coupled with a ratio of one successful play off campaign out of 5. When he was at PNE we should of beat West Ham (after...