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    I've just watched a piece on tonight's One Show that my daughter alerted me to. It's about the return of football and features our goalie and some aerial shots of Deepdale. Made me realise how much I'm missing the place.
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    Sam Johnstone

    Will Jose Mourinho taking over at Manchester United will make it more or less likely that we can get Sam back?
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    Danny Devine

    Watched a bit of the Scottish FA Cup final earlier and was pleased to see Inverness beat Falkirk with Devine having a decent game at the back .
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    Not really a topic for discussion but I'd like to use this forum to thank one of its moderators, who has helped me out with a spare ticket for tonight. We'd never met before and I won't name him but he has my gratitude and I'm looking forward to seeing him tonight. Now, as the Lancashire...
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    I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to old shirt designs and came across the following on the historical kits site: "The 1914-15 season was played out against the background of war and in August 1914, a large number of Belgian refugees arrived in Blackpool. As a gesture of support, the football...