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    A ray of hope

    DJ isn't in the squad as a move is on the cards. AB/BD and BP are. One can only hope.
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    Some tough calls for AN

    As we head to the start of the season AN has a bit of a selection headache. Ledson has done himself no harm, nor has Earl. BFG has been a little bit and miss,Browne faces serious competition (even at right back) and as you go forward it's even worse with Potts carrying on from last...
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    Three days after Bayern win last season's Champions League Celtic are out of this seasons. Shows what a tin pot league they play in.
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    So where do we go from here?

    Neil Out? I started the thread and still believe it's the right option.I acknowledge that this is not the sole issue as THs consistent refusal to fund the signing of adequate replacements when our annual best players sale has been completed certainly does not help matters, but if you were in his...
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    Neil Out?

    Thought I'd start it............someone was bound too!
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    Goal of the season

    As we're unlikely to see anymore live as in actually there, what's your choice? With an honorable nod to Browny v Leeds (great team goal) and Harrop v T'Rovers for me, also v T'Rovers it's Barkys winner when they we're........... "2:0, and you fcked it up, 2:0............" I was behind the...
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    Graham Jones gone from Luton

    Mutual consent. Seems odd at this time.
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    The 56 day solution

    Will the "bigger" clubs with bigger squads have an advantage?
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    Sporting life who will be promoted article

    Can't do linky thing but a decent analysis of games left and how wide open it is. Need less to say they have WBA and Leeds as autos with (in order) Brentford Forest Fulham Plastics Prove them wrong lads ! We have the toughest run in but are ready to fight. For what it's worth I think Fulham will...
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    Went a long time without scoring but 4 in 4 so he's hitting form at the right time, no coincidence imo with the arrival of Sinclair If him ( and the others) can stay injury /suspension free the dream is on.
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    8 at the back

    4/2/3/1 4 defenders 2 defensive midfielders 2 wide players who under AN are expected to do extensive defending duties.Maguire and Barky sacrifice attacking prowess for defending. Harrop and Bodin criticised for not defending.Didn't see Armstrong defending much or any other opposition wide player...
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    How long

    Before the agents of our big players start looking to get them out? Low ambition club Low wages Can do better elsewhere....... How many heads will turn?
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    Lets be honest

    Take the rose tinted glasses off. How many of our players would get into other top half championship teams? Davies Pearson It's a short list imo Therein lies the problem.Huff and puff only gets you so far.
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    Still buzzin

    Was supposed to stay in as a bit short ( don't get paid until Halloween). Fcuk that! Still buzzing over that comeback and THAT goal so pub it is. Carpe diem.
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    Nugent scores and we're on the piss

    Today is the day!!!
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    Team v Reading

    There's usually debate about who or why is X playing/not playing. Whatever team AN selects today is fine with me! In the boss we trust!!!
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    Billy Bodin

    Now that Josh Harrop has come of age are you really that bothered if Bodin doesn't sign a new deal? It's a no from me. He's a good player but injury prone and Harrop will be a better player as his development continues. If the price is right keep Bodin; if his wage demands are steep let him go.
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    Where are they?

    The extra thousands from Tuesday?
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    Films for TH

    I'll start with: Liar Liar Shaft
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    Time for players to show what they are made of

    Whatever team/bench we have today (please not Maguire as sole striker) I would like the players to show they care.Conditions will be awful so it won't be pretty but at least it they look like they are trying to win the battle it will offer a ray of hope. Playing like a damp squib shows no...