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  1. Joanpne


    I believe a couple of people can’t sign into the forum raefil and Nobber, is it technical? They have no idea why can mods look into it please. I believe one of them has tried messaging but got no response. Thanks.
  2. Joanpne

    Policeman shot dead in Croydon

    Last night a Policeman was shot dead in a custody centre in Croydon. That poor officer‘s family and friends must be going through hell. It sounds like the 23 year old man that shot him was also shot as he is in hospital in a critical condition, so his family going through hell too. Police...
  3. Joanpne

    Gentry Day memories of loved ones

    A gentleman on Facebook has come up with the idea of writing the name of the person(s) you are rembering on Gentry Day and taking it with you to WBA and putting it on your seat. I absolutely love this idea. He has made loads of little card size papers for people to use and, they are in the...
  4. Joanpne

    Murder in Ribbleton

    I am surprised no one has posted about the poor young woman that was “brutally” murdered in the early hours on Pope Lane. A 24 year old man has been arrested. I feel so sorry for the family especially for any children who may have lost their mummy. RIP young lady.
  5. Joanpne


    Yesterday JK mentioned Shaky’s saying of “shit fan” in the weather warning thread, I commented not to forget “well done Derek” and how much he is missed. JK amongst others will confirm that some us who went to Shaky’s funeral were given badges relevant to various sayings that connected us to...
  6. Joanpne

    On a lighter note

    Today I had the absolute pleasure of going to Sheffield with the lovely Mr Snot and his very beautiful wife. The match was not the best, but the company was absolutely brilliant. I had hoped we could at least have got a point and a decent memory to take back to Canada but, it was not to be. I...
  7. Joanpne

    Wanted to share

    I just wanted to share with you all that, this afternoon I went to a scan on my beautiful granddaughter of her first baby and our first great grandchild. I am so proud that we are going to have a great grandson. His granddad is, unfortunately, a Tottenham fan. I try not to hold that against...
  8. Joanpne

    Help please

    I wonder if anyone can help me please. Yesterday I was sent a message via messenger account attached to Facebook. Like an idiot I didn’t understand what the message was about and clicked on it:o. The picture message just appeared again as if I had responded with the same picture message. It...
  9. Joanpne

    Bosch washing machine

    As some of you know my much loved Dad died last June. We are in the process of emptying his house which has been sold. There is a Bosch automatic washing machine that is in good working order which we would love to give to a family that can make use of it. It is free but it needs collecting...
  10. Joanpne

    Just wanted to share.

    Below is a letter I have sent to LEP and hope it gets published but, in case it doesn't I want everyone to be aware of just how lucky we are to have this proud club. Hiya Dave I'm not sure who to send a letter to for the readers letters to be considered for publication but since it's about...
  11. Joanpne

    Me and my mental illness

    Is anyone watching this programme on Channel 5? Very interesting, Frank Bruno spoke about being sectioned 3 times before being diagnosed with bi polar. This programme talks about everything from Bi polar to OCD to PTSD to depression to schizophrenia. Very interesting, everyone should be...
  12. Joanpne

    A special "enjoy the game today"

    To the lovely Sid Snot and his beautiful wife Emma who will be attending the game today after having arrived from Canada this week for a visit. I hope we get 3 points for you both and the game is the best we have seen at Deepdale in a good while.
  13. Joanpne


    Hiya is anyone on the forum a carpenter or excellent handy man? I need new internal doors for my Living room/dining room. They are mostly glass and whilst the one from the front door to lounge is a single, the other from lounge to dining room is double doors. I have no idea how to measure...
  14. Joanpne

    Discount codes for Thomson or First Choice

    Does anyone happen to know any discount codes for either of these two Travel Agents please.
  15. Joanpne

    Best 3 Managers

    With all the talk of Simon Grayson being axed (or not) I thought about all the managers that have come and gone. I would say my top three managers over the years are as follows:- 1. David Moyes. The only Manager who has won anything for the club in recent years, League 1 title. 2. Simon...
  16. Joanpne

    Standing at away matches

    So, all the seated area was first to go at Fleetwood.:rolleyes: how many threads have we had about standing and how it is more popular? Obviously not.:mad:
  17. Joanpne

    Happy Birthday 40th Dannypne7 and 30th Atky

    A very Happy Birthday to you both. :gentry:
  18. Joanpne

    Happy Fathers Day

    As the title says Happy Fathers Day guys. Enjoy you deserve it:)
  19. Joanpne

    Playing our tune

    :( Hull City how I envy them. It will be us next season and then season after;)
  20. Joanpne

    Thanks to Zoe and the club

    I have waited until all the excitement regarding our new Manager has gone down because I didn't want to get this to be lost in all of that. The reason is we post when we want to moan and complain about the club and I wanted to post positive about Zoe (commercial/hospitality) and Denise (...