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    Project Big Picture My thoughts: A lot of sensible proposals with one massive caveat. 1. Premier League reduced to 18 teams: probably a good idea both for English clubs in Europe and the national team...
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    PNE article on F365
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    Johnstone could start for United?

    According to the Guardian, Sam Johnstone is a possibility to start vs. Spurs.
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    Cansdell-Sherriff to sign for Burton (BBC)

    Not exactly a surprise because I think everyone knew he was going but he's confirmed it here The on-loan Preston North End defender, who has featured 35 times for Burton since arriving at the Pirelli Stadium in September, also revealed that he will commit permanently to the club after Monday's...
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    BBC: Brown Plotting Promotion Sounds very positive, not sure if the interview was before or after Treacy's departure though.
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    What is this site? Is it supposed to be a proper 'football news' site? Because most of the stories that appear at first glance to be 'news' stories - when you actually read them - appear to be amateurishly written opinion pieces, or at least the ones that concern North End. If I want negativity...
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    80 years worth of memories

    The following was written by my next door neighbour Ted, who is 90 this year. He wrote it as a letter to the LEP, but they chose not to publish it. I thought it might be of interest to North End fans so I offerred to post it on here for him. It was written a few months ago now, so ignore the...
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    Carlos Tevez

    ...does anyone know what happens if nobody signs Tevez this summer? If no one meets the asking price (and £25million is a lot for a striker who hasn't been first choice). What if his owners refuse to drop the price? Is he left without a club? This situations seems odd, since normally a player...
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    What the feck is Blackwell on about?????

    Any ideas cos it all seems a bit Cantona to me...
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    Nash stays at Wigan Until April 15th.

    Until April 15th. Not exactly unexpected but it keeps him off the wage bill.,,10362~997861,00.html?ptvParm=
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    England Squad vs. Spain

    This has got to be the most disappointing England sqaud I can remember. Phil Neville, Joey Barton, Kieron Dyer, Stewart Downing, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Jermaine Jenas - none of them deserving of a place in my opinion. He's also picked Terry and Hargreaves - only just returned from injury, and...
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    Transfer Window: Winners & Losers

    So, with the transfer window almost closed, who are the big winners and losers at the top of the Championship? Derby IN: Stephen Pearson (Celtic), Craig Fagan (Hull), David Jones (Man Utd), Jay McEveley (Blackburn), Gary Teale (Wigan), Jon Macken (Palace), Tyrone Mears (West Ham - loan) OUT...
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    Promotion Rivals Strenghtened/Weakened in the Window?

    Will our promotion rivals be stronger at the end of January or weaker? BIRMINGHAM: May lose Matthew Upson, but will have enough money to buy a good replacement and strengthen the squad elsewhere. DERBY: Can't think of any likely departures and it would seem that Billy will be given some money...
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    Wise said he wanted Leeds to be dirty...

    We at least he's a man of his word.:rolleyes: Watch out for the impending arrival of Kevin Muscat.