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    Graham Alexander

    What are your thoughts on his sacking? Like most Salford fans I'm appalled at the news. Looked good for promotion to League 1 this year. Still I don't suppose he & Lucketti will be out of a job for long. Perhaps back at Deepdale eventually.
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    Jack Armer to Carlisle

    A great move for Jack and an excellent signing for Carlisle. Not surprised he and Dolan have been snapped up so quickly both outstanding players whenever I've watched them play. So sad we can't afford to hang on to our best young players, doesn't auger welll for the future of the club. Hope it...
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    Referee worse than legend Barry Knight?

    I remember being present to witness the worst refereeing I've ever seen. The ref was Barry Knight and it was against Forrest away I think. Memory not being what it was can anyone tell me when this was? For those who saw that game and today how did this ref compare?
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    Dolan to Plastics

    No surprises to hear that our former Academy player Tyrhys Dolan has signed a 2 year professional contract for that lot. I watched him a number of times this season and for me and a good number of others he was an outstanding prospect and obviously destined for great things.We're all aware of...
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    PNE Squad Luton travel arrangements

    Noticed an article in the LEP saying that normally for this away game the squad would have travelled down by train on the day. Apparently due to travel restrictions this isn't now possible. The squad are now due to travel down in 2 coaches to allow for social distancing the day before and stay...