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    English Football restructure

    Has anyone actually read these proposals properly? They generally make a lot of sense and would ensure the survival of a lot of struggling EFL clubs. The one big issue is the scrapping of one club one vote. Reinstate that and I'd be in favour.
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    Project Big Picture

    I don't believe that's correct. The telegraph stated that there would be two automatic relegation slots and two automatic promotion slots, plus as you say a playoff between three championship sides and the third from bottom prem team. So really not that different from now except the sixth place...
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    Project Big Picture My thoughts: A lot of sensible proposals with one massive caveat. 1. Premier League reduced to 18 teams: probably a good idea both for English clubs in Europe and the national team...
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    Match Day Thread - Brentford v PNE - 04/10/20 - KO:14:00 - Championship

    A lot of graft in that side, but not much guile. Looks like a side built to keep it 0-0 and then hope our subs can snatch a winner.
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    Match Day - Barnsley v PNE - 21/01/20 - KO:19:45 - Championship

    Looks like Barky up top to me.
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    This is what I expect. It's also what I think is probably best for us as a club. Keep signing the next Hugill/Robinson/Johnson/Pearson. Hopefully also pick up a McGeady/Beckford to fire us over the line. But if the right player isn't available then stick with what we have and keep fighting.
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    Team for Huddersfield

    If Harrop and Johnson are both out then assume it will be Browne at #10. In which case I think we may need Bodin from the start to give us a bit of craft and guile cutting in from the flank. Ledson and Gallagher should be able to control centre mid so it's two from Barks, Maguire and Stockley...
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    Injuries list

    As far as I understand it: Clarke, Moult (long term) Harrop (couple of weeks) DJ (knock) Storey, Potts, Bodin (all fit, but maybe not "match fit" - or at least the standard AN expects) Nugent (pretty much fit but rested so as not to aggravate the knee)
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    Agree, I don't think he'd be coming back. But he was mentioned, and I would have have him back. But honestly...wages? How much could he possibly be on as a fourth choice emergency goalkeeper on a short term contract at a club he'd probably have jumped at the chance of joining for free? He was on...
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    I actually would take Lonners back. He's clearly done what he was brought in to do at Liverpool, and is now no longer needed. But Klopp was clearly quite impressed with him and he's an experienced head and a very underrated player (by PNE fans at least!)
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    Bayliss' injury

    I guess if you view it purely in terms of transfer fee then what would Pearson cost if someone tried to buy him? What would Browne cost? And Johnson? All well over £5m you'd think. No surprise then that Bayliss isn't ahead of them if he's worth around£1.8-2m. Potts and Ledson are probably...
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    Racism in Bulgaria

    I agree that it is more nuanced than many of us would like to think. Passion for your club/nation, combined with historic rivalry can create a "them and us" scenario. While for the most part this is good-natured banter rather than real hatred, there does come a point where it crosses a line and...
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    VAR 2019

    I've no issue with the Mane goals being disallowed, and I don't think the Origi one was a foul: there's minimal contact and then he throws himself to the ground. However, overturning the poor decision not to award Watford a penalty is surely what VAR was designed for...and yet inexplicably they...
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    PNE article on F365

    Definitely better in terms of tactical analysis. Can only assume it's written by somebody in their second language though...some very odd uses of English make it occasionally awkward to read. Good article though.
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    PNE article on F365

    Yeah, certainly a few inaccuracies but the tone is positive. Clearly a few people are starting to notice we're on the right track.
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    PNE article on F365
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    They've all played the majority of their games this season at right-back though.
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    Really? I guess I missed that one. Was that purely on his defensive stats? I know it's somewhat arbitrary but ranks him 12th behind Matt Cash, Stuart Dallas, Darnell Furlong, Jack Hunt, Henrik Dalsgaard, Chris Solly, Andy Yiadom, Elliott Bennett, Max Lowe, Maxime Colin and Steven...
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    I like Fisher, and he has spells where he's excellent, but I don't think even he would think he's one of the best right backs in the Championship. I think Rafferty should be ahead of him on form right now, but have no problem with the two of them competing for the spot. Shows we have decent...
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    Pretty happy with our squad so we shouldn't be making any signings just for the sake of it. However, iff we're able to find the kind of mobile, hard-pressing target man that Alex Neil wants then we should push the boat out. If we can't, there's no point signing another forward that Neil doesn't...