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  1. keasden

    Grezza sacked by Salford

    Breaking news on Sky just now, sacked and Scholes put in temporary charge. Seems strange when they are 5th in the league and unbeaten in their first 4 games.
  2. keasden

    Your Favourite PNE Line-up

    Unashamedly stolen the idea from elsewhere but as we're all bored, lets see your all time favourite PNE line-up. Just one rule to try and give it some structure, only players who have made more than 100 appearances qualify! Great link here to help those of us with memory issues :)...
  3. keasden

    The signing of Sinclair doesn't make sense.

    The signing of Scott Sinclair looks like being our only addition to the squad during this window, which makes no sense at all. As the squad was and given our league position at the start of January we were in no danger of being relegated and equally we were no where near good enough to...
  4. keasden

    Pearson to miss Rovers game?

    Am I right in thinking that the yellow card he picked up near the end of yesterdays game was Pearsons fourth of the season. If so, it is highly unlikely he will get through a match against Dirty Leeds without picking up at least 1 yellow, which would put him on 5. Does that then trigger an...
  5. keasden

    Venkys or Hemmings?

    I can’t believe this could even be a topic for discussion but here goes, who would you rather have as your club owner, the Indian Chicken farmers or our billionaire builder? When Venkys took over down the road it looked as though they would turn Roves into a laughing stock, and they continued...
  6. keasden

    How long is Pearson's ban?

    I find it remarkable that there has not been a single word from the club, the manager or the player himself after BP;s third red card of the season. You might have expected the manager to make some kind of comment or other or some noise about appealing the red card. It was after all a less...
  7. keasden

    Our commercial dept are useless!

    A friend who is a Man Utd fan asked me to get 2 tickets for him and his dad as a birthday present in the Invincibles Lounge for the Sheff Utd or Leeds game. His dad is a long time PNE fan but he is getting on and hasn't been on a match this season. My own dad is in the same boat so I said we...
  8. keasden

    Pearson - Must like the notoriety of being most booked

    The commentator at the start of the match said Pearson was the most booked player in England. Judging by his stupidity in dribbling and juggling with the ball long after the whistle had blown, I can only assume he either likes to be booked or likes the mini breaks he gets from his suspensions...
  9. keasden

    Ipswich massively over priced on Saturday

    Just checked the odds and Ipswich are available at 7/4 on Skybet. To my mind thats a huge price given our current form, injury problems and lack of any defence coupled with their striking options. I never want North End to get beat, but when they do lose its always nice to have some financial...
  10. keasden

    Ticket Collection

    Just booked tickets online for my dad for todays match. If I leave it till we arrive at the match to collect, do I have to get in the usual long queue at the ticket office or is there a separate area for pre-paid ticket collection? Its for the Finney stand.
  11. keasden

    If Hugil is worth £2.5m plus, What price Barkhuizen?

    If we are turning down that sort of price for Hugill, which incidentally I think is the right thing to do, what sort of fee would we be looking at for Barkhuizen? To my view he is simikar age but more experienced, quicker, more versatile and seems far more prolific in front of goal! If we...
  12. keasden

    1st Wembley hatrick by a loan player?

    I can't think of any others, surely this is a first for Beckford? It certainly will help him negotiate a few extra quid on his next deal, hopefully with us but lots of clubs gonna be interested after his performances in the play-offs, 6 goals in the 3 games, superb stuff.
  13. keasden

    2 months on

    2 months after losing Garner and Robinson on consecutive days, North End finally get round to replacing them................with Robinson and Garner! Well done Simon.
  14. keasden

    Dinamo Bucharest - Very Impressive Tribute

    Check out this video for possibly the best tribute ever to former players, very very impressive.
  15. keasden

    Garner on the Westley Scrap Heap Already?

    We are playing a must win game at home and desperate for goals, we have just signed a striker who clearly knows where the net is, so what does David Brent do? Drops him to the bench after just 2 games and then leaves him there, and chooses to play a lad up front who was a brickie this time last...
  16. keasden

    Anyone Else Been Persuaded To Renew After Tonight?

    I was so dis-illusioned after last season that I was one of the many that decided not to renew my season ticket which I've had for around 20 years. I went on tonight to see what the new team was looking like and was so impressed with the energy, commitment and not a little skill either, that I...
  17. keasden

    England start with ex pne forwards!

    Wonder when the last time was, if ever, that the front two for England were both past pne players?!
  18. keasden

    2012 Sports Personality

    Was browsing the 188Bet website this morning and noticed that Bradley Wiggins was as short as 3 to 1 for this years Tour de France and is second favourite. To me that is too short a price for such a competitive and lengthy event where a fall or minor mishap can end a bid for the title...
  19. keasden

    33/1 Still Available, Grab it now!

    Unbelievably we are still available to back for relegation at 33/1 with Vic Chandler. That is an incredibly generous price for a team that has been bottom of the league form table for virtually the whole of the season since our infamous 7 game winning streak, and who have mustered no more than...
  20. keasden

    Dugouts Swap?

    Anyone know why we switched dugouts today? Presumably this was Grezza / Unsworths decision?