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  1. raefil

    Boris Backs Bully Patel

    Good riddance.
  2. raefil

    How Nigel Farage works.

    Absolutely disgusting, all those illegal immigrants wanting putting up in the best hotels and free tickets to Premier league matches. Hes absolutely right, no way we can put up with this!! Disgusting. Oh wait: Whats this then?
  3. raefil

    Alan spavin

    This is quite superb. I wonder how many of us actually went to this, I know I did :)
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  5. raefil

    Greg Clarke!! Unbelievable!
  6. raefil

    RIP, "The," James bond.

    Sad to report the passing of Sean Connery. Aged 90 RIP fella
  7. raefil

    One up front at home

    When is the penny going to drop, alex? 360 mins not even a goal, let alone a win. Youre going to have to learn and learn quick because if there were fans there tonight youd have been getting some almighty shit as you left the ground.
  8. raefil

    Did she deserve this?

    Covid related but just to get us away from it a little. Whats peoples thoughts? Was a line crossed?
  9. raefil

    Religion, specifically christianity.

    Seen some really negative comments aimed at religious people, on here, of late so Ithought it would be good to point out that not all is bad, in fact I would say that christianity, in the UK, does a whole lot more than it does bad. Yes weve all read the dreadful stories of child abuse but is...
  10. raefil

    Euxton Training Ground.

    Credit to Lee Caley.
  11. raefil

    Van Halen

    Pure Genius. RIP fellah, taken way to soon
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    Rocked up on booths car park opposite the hospital
  13. raefil

    Capitalism in Crisis.

    Now banned from critiquing it in our schools.
  14. raefil

    Jermaine Beckford.

  15. raefil

    The Gentry Banner

    Why did the club decide to remove it, along with the others, and what happened to it?
  16. raefil

    Ex PNE player Ryan Croasdale and AFC Fylde

    This makes a very interesting read. Thoughts?
  17. raefil

    EFL Cup 4th round Draw. Luton or Man Utd at home

    Coming up shortly We are in the draw :)
  18. raefil

    Corrupt as F*** Morecambe Tory MP told to, "Just say Sorry!""
  19. raefil

    Charlie Elphicke: Ex-Tory MP jailed for sex assaults on women