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  1. wardy

    Domestic Deadline Day - Done Deals

    I'll update this throughout the day, If anyone spots any Championship related transfers feel free to add. Championship In's Jack Marriott - Derby > Sheffield Wednesday - Loan Championship Out's
  2. wardy

    Big Syke Dead at 48.

    Any old school rap fan or 2Pac fan will know about him, had the chance to speak to him on twitter many times over the years and seemed a sound guy. Article below On Monday night, Tupac Shakur's longtime friend and collaborator Big Syke was found dead at his home in Hawthorne, California, the...
  3. wardy

    Problems in the youth team now?

    Just seen this on Twitter - @SamWax9 been Sent home from training.. Now looking to go back home. #StupidResason# get me outa here nyway.
  4. wardy

    England U21 game at Deepdale

    Does anyone know if we can pay on the night?
  5. wardy

    Home ends v Burnley

    Just had a look at MyPne to see how ticket sales are going for Burnley game, It looks as empty as ever which is shocking tbh.
  6. wardy

    Championship Deadline Day Transfers

    Thught i would do this thread again like i do most windows. If i miss any out feel free to post them! Ian Ashbee - Hull - Preston - Free Transfer Daniel Ayala - Liverpool - Derby County - Loan Ryan Burge - Jerez Industrial - Doncaster - Undisclosed Neil Collins - Leeds - Sheffield Utd -...
  7. wardy

    Sky Sports News - Iwelumo In Talks With PNE

    Going along the yellow banner right this second.
  8. wardy

    5 Away games in next 6.

    We are going to need to win atleast 3 of these away games. M'Boro Scunthorpe Barnsley Hull Watford Honestly I struggle to see us winning 3 but who knows.
  9. wardy

    Fergie T-Shirts in the club shop.

    Was just wondering what are they going to do with them, there was quite a few of them on Tuesday when i was in the shop. Wonder if they will donate them to African kids or give them away to local tramps?
  10. wardy

    Lancs Hotpot Show Tonight Cancelled

    Just thought I would post this incase anyone on here had tickets for the show tonight at 53 Degrees. Was posted by 53 Degrees on Twitter that the show is now going to be on Feb 26th.
  11. wardy

    Championship Loan Deadline Day Deals

    Feel free to update and i will update when i can, it looks like there could be some decent loan moves today before the 5pm deadline. Roman Bednar - West Brom - Leicester Cameron Stewart - Man Utd - Hull Leon Cort - Burnley - PNE Chris Kirkland - Wigan - Leicester Josh McQuoid - Bournmouth -...
  12. wardy

    Royal wedding: Prince William to marry Kate Middleton

    Prince William is to marry long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton next year, Clarence House has said. William, second in line to the throne, will marry in London next spring or summer and live in north Wales, where he is serving with the RAF. The couple, who are both 28, became engaged in October...
  13. wardy

    Marc Albrighton

    What a player this lad is turning out to be, he has ripped Man Utd to shreds this afternoon, I just hope he continues to improve and doesn't end up like Lennon or Pennant where the talent is inconsistant. With Johnson & Albrighton we have 2 fantastic young wingers in the making for England...
  14. wardy

    Mc Hammer - Better Run Run (Jay-Z Dss) This deserves its own thread as Hammer is back after a 2 year absence, video is quite funny but just for the fact that Hammer & Jay-Z are beefing is comical. Jay-z took a shot at...
  15. wardy

    Tickets sold for tonight?

    For some reason I get the feeling we have not sold that many, just seems a hunch as the club don't seem to be hyping up te sales like the other week. So does anyone have a clue as to how many we have sold?.
  16. wardy

    Duo in Eire squad.

    St Ledger & Treacy are in the squad.,19528,12020_6390527,00.html
  17. wardy

    David Gray

    Yesterday was the first time since the Rovers friendly that Gray looked like he could be a good player for us, i was not impressed with him in any other games and he looked a liability but i thought he was one of our best players yesterday. What are other peoples views on him?
  18. wardy

    One of them days

    Started with getting held back on the train in Accrington while the stupid conducter demanded police as some of our fans were getting rowdy, finally get to Burnley Central at around 5 then a nice escort to the ground to which we were just entering the turnstiles when Iwelumo scored. As for the...
  19. wardy

    25 man squads, who is left out?

    Right 2 teams have named their squads Wolves & West Brom and by 5pm every team in the prem need to have the squad named, so just for a record I thought I would list all the players over 21 which have been left out throughout the day, I will update when possible and if anyone else wants to list...
  20. wardy

    Flintoff back to St Annes? I hope this happens as i live about 5 minutes from the cricket ground so i would go and watch him.