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    Local clubs which had live entertainment

    I wondered if anyone remembers any local artists comics/singers etc at various Labour clubs, I know "Wandering Walter" will crop up here" fetlers" but who else does anyone know? "Al Showman" comic from Blackpool often in Labour clubs? He also used to do the club in Topping Street. Did anyone...

    New statement from PNE re U 23 team

    Will the Geordies survive?

    As has been widely reported the Saudi's have pulled out of the deal `with Newcastle. Many supporters of ours have regularly asked " would we be better off under the Arabs " ? Well, would we want someone who may be dishonest? pulls the wool over the supporters eyes? Is not a communicator with...

    Bunnock !!!

    Some may be confused by this thread title, others may know it well, especially those from Penwortham, who had the nickname of "bunnocks". Apparently many who worked on the railways years ago and lived in the Penwortham area who took their bait boxes to work were called Bunnocks, it's unclear as...

    Ever get a great comp?

    Today reminds me of one of the best day of my life, I was a student in Cardiff, staying with an old couple in their 80's. He was the grand master at Cardiff Freemasons lodge. I spent hours in that tiny bedroom scribbling away my essays etc, no computers in those days. In 1977 the week of the...

    Clothes and fashion

    I'm sure there are lots of trendy guys and girls on this forum. But, who remembers kipper ties? winklepicker shoes, Cuban heels, string vests and underpants, and where did you used to go to buy your clothes, Do you remember Syds are selling out? on Friargate next to C&A. They must have had that...

    Raefil's banning

    I think it's about time people knew the why's and wherefores of this ban. As it appears that no mod is aware of it am I to assume that a mod has not been involved in the banning order? People have been wrongfully banned before today and maybe even re instated, but this one appears to be a...

    Unusual scenario for PNE

    So If PNE win at Charlton tomorrow and scores stay as they are now, North End will go to the top of the championship table at 2pm. Following that if AN goes to Stoke and does his superb management strategy and beats WBA in the league game on Monday evening, we stay top of the league, and then AN...

    PNE registration?

    As I'm about to return to the UK for a couple of months, I wondered if any of you knowledgeable guys know about registration at Deepdale. I was registered at North End for the past number of seasons, but haven't been able to get there this season yet, as I'm now living in France. Will I need to...

    The boy done good he is a winner.

    Just thought I'd rush on to tell you that Alex Macpherson who many of you voted for on this forum has WON the young fundraiser of the year award, and very much deserved too, wow I'm knocked out, he so deserves it. Great celebrations to all of you and thanks for helping make this kids life a...

    I follow questions for those who know

    I want to get I follow and I've just looked at the site showing the costs etc, 1. If I pay for this monthly does the monthly subscription finish at the end of the season? Or is it for a full year? 2. The cost is 154 euro's for me to have I follow for a full season, but the cost per month is 18...

    If you had a magic wand

    If you had a magic wand who would you bring back to life and why. For me it would have to be my dad, he had so much wisdom and humour and we were so close. Even now almost 40 years after I feel robbed he worked all his life and died before he even got his pension. In 1965 he won £50 at PNE...

    Disturbing local news

    Before we cast any aspersions doesn't Raef come from Chorley? Dancing Chorley flasher 'balanced pie on head' before exposing himself at road junction... and was it a butter pie? ;)...

    Old newspapers.

    As I am currently opening many boxes of all my worldly goods and chattels, I am faced with so many old newspapers which wrapped glassware and pottery etc. I am coming across old papers from as far back as the Queen's coming to reign in 1952,which is a copy of the Daily Mirror from February 9th...

    Who's an expert on moles?

    A number of years ago an old man in his eighties told me the best way to get rid of moles was to bury a glass milk bottle up to the neck along the route of the mole hills, as the wind blows across the neck and disturbs the mole and it disappears, an old wive's tale ? I don't know, but I know I...

    This kids amazing.

    After all the hype and upset this week regarding the window closing without any further business for us, I just wanted to take one minute of your time, just to put things into perspective after all the millions have been splashing about, this kid doesn't think about millions, his determination...

    Biscuits and memories.

    I was wondering if there might be a particular biscuit you had as a kid and can't get now, or one that you're definitely partial too, for me it was milk n honey biscuits made by Huntley and palmers, no longer make them. Thinking of various food stuffs always takes me back to my childhood, my...

    Team tomorrow?

    I'm expecting more changes after Rudd, different defence, and probably Nmecha back in.

    Station approach and taxi's galore

    Had to take my son's girlfriend to catch a train last night, only to find some total buffoon parked across the station approach not allowing anyone down dropping someone off, he just couldn't go down the ramp, he had to stop all the traffic and when I gently gave him a toot he gave me the...

    Parking at Deepdale

    I was quite surprised to read that at the Spurs v City game earlier this week, parking at Wembley was £40! I don't know where you park but I have a little place I've parked in for over 30 years, close to some shops and it's free. I remember when I was a lad walking down Lowthorpe road and many...