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  1. Scrubdog

    Penwortham Cricket Club - Beer Festival 23rd - 25th August

    Always a cracking doo this.. Cricket, beer and pizza
  2. Scrubdog

    Check out my new band.

    Just having a bit of fun and knocking out a few demos of original tunes. We do have a gig lined at xmas int Bittersuite where will be doing a number of indie covers, Cure, REM, Talking Heads, Bunnymen etc. Thinking about adding a lead vocalist and poss 2nd guitar...
  3. Scrubdog

    My New Band - Bittersuite Easter Sat 3rd April

    I am playing with an American blues guitarist and it's going down a treat. There isn't any of our tunes on this site but check his info anyway. We play a range of blues standands.
  4. Scrubdog

    Live Music

    Where do you get yours? Are you even bothered? I tend to frequent Mad Ferrit & Bittersuite with the occasional dip into The Black Bull. Recently been checking out blues at The Hop Pocket, Chorley on a Thursday. Cracking night.
  5. Scrubdog

    West Ham v Milwall

    Sounds a bit tasty. Large scale trouble outside the ground while the game is being played! + trouble inside the ground as well and wet spam have just equalised.
  6. Scrubdog

    Done me Dough - Cheltenham

    So far so bad! Only 1 winner in 2 days (missed weds) but confident about today (not). I don't do the gg's usually but make the effort for Cheltenham. Anybody any (proper) tips?
  7. Scrubdog

    I am 45 years old and .......

    just walked in the house and started singing "We all hate Leeds Scum" at the top of my voice. (after midnight)!!! Me thinks I need to get a life. Seriously though, what a buzz - sublime football from start to finish. Now that I am sat at the PC i just think how important it is to keep our top...
  8. Scrubdog

    The Bill Shankly Story

    Heard about this and thought you might be interested. I pm'd the guy who has organised it and advised him of Bill's PNE history, lol. He replied by saying he is well aware that PNEFC was a big part of his life and this will be...