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  1. keasden

    Ex-PNE gear you now own

    I've got David Moyes training top with his initials on it, a Bloggs sweatshirt. Think I bought it from a charity auction when Moysie was still manager.
  2. keasden

    Match Day - PNE v Sheffield Wednesday - 21/11/20 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Reply suggests that the red card was the right decision, looked like he kicks Rafferty in the chest
  3. keasden

    Prediction League - PNE v Sheff Weds - 21/11/2020 - Championship

    PNE 1 v 1 Wendies Riis 5 cards
  4. keasden

    Prediction League - Rotherham v PNE - 07/11/2020 - Championship

    Rotherham 1 v 1 PNE Riis 3 cards
  5. keasden

    Match Day - Reading v PNE - 4/11/20 - KO:19:00 - Championship

    If anyone got that one right in the prediction league, they deserve the trophy now 😂
  6. keasden

    Prediction League - Reading v PNE - 04/11/2020 - Championship

    Reading 2 v 0 PNE Joao 4 cards
  7. keasden

    Is it time?

    Its time
  8. keasden

    Worst home start in history?

    There are a lot of us in this forum that have seen relegation seasons and even a re-election season where we finished 91st out of 92. But none of those seasons had as bad a home start as this one. I think AN is only still in his job for 2 reasons, the absence of a crowd baying for his head...
  9. keasden

    Prediction League - PNE v Birmingham - 31/10/2020 - Championship

    PNE 0 v 2 Brum Jutkiewicz 5 cards
  10. keasden

    Worst home start in history?

    I think the point is we were absolute garbage, no ideas, no invention, no urgency and we were played off the park by a very average side with a budget similar to our own and no first team coaches present. Oh, and that this was the fourth home match in succession that we had lost without even...
  11. keasden

    Prediction League - PNE v Millwall - 28/10/2020 - Championship

    PNE 1 v Millwall Riise 5 cards
  12. keasden

    Riis or Hugill

    I'd forgotten all about that game, that has to be one of the worst penalty decisions of all time!
  13. keasden

    Prediction League - Huddersfield v PNE - 24/10/2020 - Championship

    Hudds 2 v 1 PNE Campbell 3 cards
  14. keasden

    Prediction League - QPR v PNE - 21/10/2020 - Championship

    QPR 2 v 1 PNE Bonne 3 cards
  15. keasden

    Match Day - PNE v Cardiff City - 18/10/20 - KO:12:00 - Championship

    Doesn’t sound like AN is impressed with the new training ground for some reason
  16. keasden

    Prediction League - PNE v Cardiff -18/10/2020 - Championship

    Pne 1 v 2 Cardiff Moore 4 cards
  17. keasden

    England 20/21 season

    No not really
  18. keasden

    Grezza sacked by Salford

    Breaking news on Sky just now, sacked and Scholes put in temporary charge. Seems strange when they are 5th in the league and unbeaten in their first 4 games.
  19. keasden

    England 20/21 season

    Brian Potter would be more entertaining!
  20. keasden

    England 20/21 season

    Absolutely shocking selection and performance so far. Too square and negative. I suspect not a single England supporter would have started with Rice and Henderson, where is the creativity or the spark supposed to come from. Also what’s the point of Grealish and Coady putting in superb...