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  1. pne_monster

    Caring for others

    Just had a thought. While we’re focusing on those with mental health problems, there are loads of us that care for people with mental and physical health needs. You can ask for help as well. This isn’t exclusively for those in need themselves.
  2. pne_monster

    Take a breath

    We’ve been poor for a while, but ignoring the usual debates, let’s take a breath and just think how we move forward
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    I love this guy anyway but this makes me love him a little bit more. Does anyone know why we’ve adopted this song by the way?
  4. pne_monster

    Have it!

    Last dozen games. Let’s put aside any squabbles and see where it gets us.
  5. pne_monster

    Danny Cipriani - trigger warning in copy

    Trigger warning; Suicide and mental health problems.
  6. pne_monster

    EFL Player of the Month

    Josh Harrop nominated for EFL player of the month for January.
  7. pne_monster


    Takes another team out of the equation
  8. pne_monster

    Gally’s contract extension confirmed!
  9. pne_monster

    Pep Guardiola

    Ok, who's going to take Pep a butter pie and some parched peas?
  10. pne_monster

    PNE v QPR highlights
  11. pne_monster

    AN Press conference

    AN on Maguire: “Sean was taken off as a precaution, we didn’t think much of it. Because of his history, we got him scanned and it’s come back a lot worse than what we thought. We will be missing for the best part of a couple of months.” #pnefc
  12. pne_monster

    This time tomorrow ...

    Unlikely, but if Sunderland manage to get their sh*t together and beat Bristol City, and we beat Brentford, we're into the play offs. Would be a great confidence boost ahead of the tough games against Wolves and Villa.
  13. pne_monster

    Guardian article on Harrop
  14. pne_monster

    Alan Kelly

    Has joined Everton as goalkeeping coach.
  15. pne_monster

    Billy Davies - alleged smear campaign
  16. pne_monster

    Alan Kelly leaving (Confirmed)
  17. pne_monster

    Sky bet championship preview

    We don't get a mention at either end of the table!
  18. pne_monster

    Wigan v PNE "highlights"

    Very poor penalty.
  19. pne_monster

    Valentines day messages

    Feel free to post yours Roses are red, North End play in white, Sorry no romance, I'm at Deepdale tonight.
  20. pne_monster

    Can we do it?

    Over halfway through the season, new recruits in, playing some decent football at times, six points off sixth position so the question is.... can we make the play offs? More importantly could we win them? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk