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  1. Dr Marten

    League 1 Relegation Battle

    I have seen references to this on Social media this week but having read this article it makes it more clear. BBC News - League One: 13 teams battle to avoid relegation with eight games to go 13 teams avoiding the drop makes for an exciting few...
  2. Dr Marten

    Mobile phone repairs

    I got a new Samsung Galaxy S 3 mini last week. I know it's not the latest model but it's fine for my use. Anyway I cancelled the insurance straight away as I have insurance with my bank account. Tonight I dropped it and smashed the screen, I'm gutted. I checked it and it appears in working...
  3. Dr Marten

    David Ford - The Adelphi

    This guy is one of my favourite singers and as far as I know he is making his first appearance in Preston at our very own Adelphi next month. His live show is captivating and as a performer he is also a very talented multi-instrumentalis, well worth watching.
  4. Dr Marten

    Nintendo Wii/BBC iplayer

    I tried to watch Late kick-off on the BBC iplayer using my Nintendo Wii, however I could only get the London version of it. There was no obvious way (to me) to view the North West version of Late kick-off like there is on the PC version of iplayer, but I was wondering if anybody knew if there...
  5. Dr Marten

    On this day in 1884...

    ....'Professional' Preston disqualified from FA Cup! We played Upton Park in the 4th round which finished 1-1. Before the replay Upton Park complained to the football league that we had paid some of our players. Indeed Preston spent around £1000 a year on player wages although this was unproven...
  6. Dr Marten

    The Fratellis at 53 Degrees

    Monday 24th November. Tickets are £21.00 and go on sale tomorrow (24th September) at 9.00am. Should be another good night at 53 Degrees.
  7. Dr Marten

    Shed Seven on tour.

    The news that Shed Seven are back may not be as big as The Verve reforming but I know there are some fans on this forum. They split in 2003 soon after they played at The Mill but are back once again for a greatest hits tour in late novemeber and early december. The line up will feature all the...
  8. Dr Marten


    I'm going to see them in Dublin next week on their 5 night residency at the Olympia theatre. I'm not sure exactly how many the venue holds but it's the smallest place I've seen them which should be good. It's probably a long shot but is anybody else going?
  9. Dr Marten

    What's the first sign of Madness?

    .....Suggs walking up the garden path! I'll get me coat.:rolleyes:
  10. Dr Marten

    Granada Tonight - Nugent Interview

    I caught the end of the lunchtime bulletin where they showed a short clip of an interview with him at his home. It will be shown in full on the 6pm bulletin. By the sounds of it it's mainly going to focus on the Under 21's tournament but it should be interesting.
  11. Dr Marten

    Font Size Pain

    For some reason some of the websites I'm visiting such as ebay are displaying in an annoyingly large font. This happened this morning and I can't seem to be able to correct it. Any ideas?
  12. Dr Marten

    Music on the TV

    I thought I'd try this as an idea for a thread. It'll be a good plaace to tell people about interesting music programmes on the TV. I'll start with BBC4 right now - Young Guns featuring Madness. The story of how they formed featuring interviews with all the band members. Followed by If it...
  13. Dr Marten

    Junction 31A Roundabout.

    Driving back to Longridge this afternoon from the direction of Fulwood I noticed as I approached the motorway roundabout on Bluebell Way that somebody had put t-shirts onto some of the stone heads that are built on roundabout. One of which was a PNE shirt which made me smile, was anybody on...
  14. Dr Marten

    More Pavillion Stuff on ebay

    The initial auctions ended today but if anyone is interested they have listed some more stuff. The photo looks interesting but does anybody need a Gym Horse?:D
  15. Dr Marten

    The Stranglers - 53 Degrees Tonight

    It's probably a bit late if you did not know already but The Stranglers are in town tonight and I'm off to see them. Is anybody else going?
  16. Dr Marten

    Sky Digi Box

    My Sky digi-box is being quite tempremental at the moment. When I put some channels on I get the No Satellite Signal Received message on the screen. Sometimes if I wait a few minutes the picture comes on, other times it doesn't. The weird thing is it only does it on certain channels, for...
  17. Dr Marten

    The Charlatans Greatest Hits and Tour

    The Charlatans will release a singles compilation CD and DVD called Forever-The Singles on the 13th November and will support it with a tour including a show a the Empress ballroom in Blackpool on 9th December. The Charlatans are a very good live band and at £22.50 a ticket it is well worth the...