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  1. Deepdale roar

    Just Sport/Nike merchandise deal - is it continue?

    I think we are in the final season of the second 3 year deal with Just Sport for running the club shop and supplying the Nike and Avec merchandise. Does anyone know if this is being extended further or can we look forward to something new for next season?
  2. Deepdale roar

    Dodgy Derby postponement

    Much as though I love to hate Colin Wanker, having seen TV and on-line pictures of the area around Derby's stadium I do think he may be right for once. Think the EFL should have a long look at what has happened here and. Maybe good for us as it...
  3. Deepdale roar

    Contract renewals

    As well as signing players, the club has some work to do extending contracts if possible. I am hoping to see that the club are going to get Greg Cunningham and DJ tied down to new extended contracts shortly, as if they go into the summer with a year left I presume they will have to be sold...
  4. Deepdale roar

    Memorial at Deepdale?

    Called in at the shop today and on the way past noticed some work going on the outside of the ground between the Finney and old museum, now Heartbeat entrance. Looked like it it may be possibly a war memorial but not read anything about it. Anyone know what’s happening?
  5. Deepdale roar

    What did people think of the new look Town End kiosks?

    A bit of a makeover for the food outlets under the Town End with some nice wooden cladding. Presume the food and service no change though!
  6. Deepdale roar

    Just Sport let Northampton Town down with no kit

    A bit of an epic fail from the company we have just signed with for three more years - from the BBC:
  7. Deepdale roar

    Renewing contracts.....

    No news on any of the existing squad extending their contracts yet. A number of key players into their last year which could cause some issues in January if not resolved. The obvious ones are Wright, DJ and Cunningham, but they probably need to look at Huntington, Gallagher and Clarke as well...
  8. Deepdale roar

    Off the field plans for next season - season tickets etc.

    As the season draws to a close it would be good to hear from someone behind the scenes at Deepdale about the plans for next season sooner rather than later. There must be a plan in place to try and increase attendances for next season having settled well at this level and potential big games...
  9. Deepdale roar

    Bring the Charlton game forward

    As we are both out of the Cup we could bring this game forward from a Tuesday night in Feb to replace the Derby game at the end of January.
  10. Deepdale roar

    Are we going to extend our retail & kit partnership with Just Sport?

    Are we going to extend our retail & kit partnership with Just Sport? Seem to recall we are in the final year of a 3 year agreement with Just Sport (Avec) that included wearing Nike branded kit. Has anyone heard...
  11. Deepdale roar

    Poland v Ireland why wasn't the Polish player sent off?

    Just seen a Polish player boot Long in the head with a very high challenge. The ref gave a pen but in the eyes of Mr Kettle that should have been a red.
  12. Deepdale roar

    Alexander next for the chop?

    How patient is Fleetwood's millionaire owner? 4 1 down at half time looking dodgy for him.
  13. Deepdale roar

    Chorley v Guiseley

    Big game at Victory Park today with a place in the Conference at stake. Pay at the gate but they will close them if/when they reach capacity. Good luck the Magpies.
  14. Deepdale roar

    If we got to Wembley....the railway line is closed again plus 5.30 ko

    Probably worrying about something that won't happen but if we do manage to make it to Wembley there are no bastard trains again with buses between Crewe and Wigan. Then Sky have deemed a 5.30 kick off on a Sunday. Well done Grayson!
  15. Deepdale roar

    Ray Treacy RIP

    Former PNE forward Ray Treacy has died aged 68. Remember him scoring in the first PNE game I saw back in 1975.
  16. Deepdale roar

    MK Dos v Doncaster postponed - chance to open up a big gap beckons

    Swindon and MK Dons have both ducked out of playing this weekend due to international call ups. Fleetwood is a massive must win game for us. A win will give us a 6 and 7 point gap over Swindon and MKD respectively. A win over Rochdale on Good Friday would then extend the gap to a very...
  17. Deepdale roar

    MK Dons sign Chelsea u-21 midfielder

    No doubt Robinson will be playing out how skint they are in the run up to our game next week. Yet they seem to have the pick of some of the better youngsters at the London clubs. Sells a player, loans him back from Spurs and as soon as he is injured goes and gets another prospect. Poor little...
  18. Deepdale roar

    John Kay Chief Exec interview in the LEP

    A rare insight into the man in charge at Deepdale:
  19. Deepdale roar

    Daily Telegraph Grayson interview

    Another excellent read from Henry Winter:
  20. Deepdale roar

    Dreadful summer signings and failure to learn from mistakes

    After yet another play off failure last year we needed to add some quality to our squad to challenge for the top 2. We needed a keeper, centre back, right back, at least one midfielder, a winger and a striker. It's looking increasingly like Grayson got this badly wrong and we really need at...