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  1. Strongbow

    England V Denmark

    Just to let folk know that there is currently a women's international on ITV at the moment. 0-0 coming up to half time and pretty drab tbh but footy fix if you need it :D
  2. Strongbow


    Lively start ..... 1-0 Cahill (header) :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  3. Strongbow

    England V Italy

    Nervous start by England .... let's feel the love people !!!!! Come on England !!!!!!! ........
  4. Strongbow

    Holland v England

    Come on England !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Strongbow

    The Lions Roar

    Well done to the British lions for levelling the series this morning 24-21 against the All Blacks .... sets it up nicely for the decider next week. :thumbsup:
  6. Strongbow

    MK Dons v AFC Wimbledon

    I see they meet for the first time in the league playing on a level footing ... for me I hope they rip the thieving Franchise a new arsehole !!!!!:mad:
  7. Strongbow

    Glen Murray's shorts

    From the North Stand Website : What is it with Glen's shirts? Several times in every game one side gets stuck up near his groin area revealing a large part of his thigh. Is one thigh bigger than the other? Is one part of his shorts smaller than the other? Great goal by the way. And I...
  8. Strongbow

    London - Floods

    Reports coming through that some of the more affluent area's on the capital has numerous homes under the threat of flooding as the Thames breaks it banks. Be interesting to see the reaction times for the offer of help and to make good infrastructure issues for those affected ? What happened up...
  9. Strongbow

    United Fans - Short memories

    Ironic cheers at Old Trafford v Sheff Utd because Utd had a shot on goal. After 25 years of total success the 'foot stampers' are making their feelings known. Fickle fookers !!!!! :thumbsdown:
  10. Strongbow

    Floods - Not a 'peep' from Westminster

    Hope the ministers of our great democracy enjoyed their Christmas whilst the North West drowned ... not a peep from the that pig pumping, old etonian, ineffective, useless prime minister we have had fostered upon on us .... DISGRACE !!!!
  11. Strongbow

    Super kev on itv tonight doing reviews

    Big kev now part of itv sports team and doing a review of north west clubs tonight on itv. Started last night oop's ....��
  12. Strongbow

    Dingles down

    Despite winning at Hull City the dingles are relegated due to other teams winning/drawing. Shame really as I would have liked them to stay up ... seem to be a well run club at the moment unlike our neighbours with the pier.
  13. Strongbow

    Told you so !!!

    Fill your boots lads ... you have been proven right in the end. PNE big time bottlers with a manager with no concept of 'grasping the moment'. You are right and I like many others are wrong. Enjoy your moment ... The Play-offs are not our thing (manager won't change) so Div 1 again ...
  14. Strongbow

    Murder in Lostock Hall ??

    Just been told about either an apparent murder in Lostock Hall or that someone has been arrested in connection with a murder in Lostock Hall ... Details sketchy .... anyone heard owt ??
  15. Strongbow

    Shocking ... Manager surrenders !!!

    How can a team playing at home and coasting into a 3-0 lead after 25min against an average team end up drawing 3-3. Answer : A manager who is more scared of losing than he is of enjoying a win. (Mindset) The sad thing is that we have a talented bunch of players that given the chance could make...
  16. Strongbow

    Manager referrals - FIFA Trial

    I read somewhere this week that Sepp Blatter and his cronies at FIFA are planning to trial giving Football managers the chance to challenge one decision per half using TV technology in an upcoming Youth tournament to see how it pans out with the idea of bringing it into the game in general over...
  17. Strongbow

    Walsall tickets !!!

    Just noticed that Walsall tickets going on sale 3rd Oct and there charging £12.50 for all U-16's.....robbin cnuts !!!!!:mad:
  18. Strongbow

    YOUR the Chairman !!!!

    As the title says you have just been appointed Chairman of PNE....what would your plans be to progress the club, build on the foundations in place and take us forward to the promised land ? On this board we seem to have a running battle between the perceived blindfaithers and the doom and gloom...
  19. Strongbow

    Moor Park Avenue - Restrictions for Friday

    Don't know if this has been already posted but noticed restriction signs have been put up along Moor Park Avenue stating no parking on the park side from 4.00PM to 10.00PM on Friday. Think the area is being reserved for coaches only. So beware probably another money making scheme for the Police...
  20. Strongbow

    Family area prices ?

    Can anyone help with my query about ticket prices in the Family areas on the Town End. I Bought 6 Adult Tickets and 6 childrens for the Donny & Liverpool games and noticed that on the Single Adult Donny Ticket and 2off the Liverpool tickets were priced at 1@£21.50 (Donny) and 2@ £22...