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  1. northender0602

    Inheriting property

    We have recently, along with a brother and a sister inherited my mother in laws house. We intend to buy the other two out, we have got probate granted, do We have to get the deeds put into all three names before they can be changed to ours ? Or can the other two just agree to them going in ours...
  2. northender0602

    Tulketh Hall anyone seen the posts on Facebook. Looks like they are going to build houses on it. Turns out it’s quite a historical site only lived round the corner for 38 years, but...
  3. northender0602

    R.I.P. Des O Connor
  4. northender0602

    What do we do with people like these? I say send them straight back to Nigeria.
  5. northender0602

    Video playback

    Whenever anyone posts a video I can’t watch it because it won’t play, I’m on an I pad and don’t get the problem anywhere else, only on here, anyone shed any light on it?
  6. northender0602

    Can anyone help this person

    They are looking for a relation that they have not seen for a while Carol Brown on Facebook and on Preston past and present page. I am looking for my cousin Eric Procter, he lived in lea preston for a long time, I have traced him to peddar street maudland bank around 2008 but cannot trace him...
  7. northender0602


    Is he dangerous? I think he is.
  8. northender0602

    R.I.P. Dame Vera
  9. northender0602

    R.I.P. Willie Thorrne
  10. northender0602

    Morecambe defender dies
  11. northender0602

    Crash on St George’s Road

    anyone seen this going the rounds😳
  12. northender0602

    St Thomas More School

    I Presume there will be some ex pupils on here, if there are, just want to make them aware that history teacher Mr Graham passed away yesterday morning, Wednesday 15th April, he was a brilliant teacher. There are plenty comments on the St Thomas More Page.
  13. northender0602

    R.I.P. Honor Blackman An Icon
  14. northender0602

    R.I.P. Roy Hudd
  15. northender0602

    Flybe this time I’m not to blame.
  16. northender0602

    Someone looking help to thank two people

    A person called Bernie Sharples ......Anyone help ?? Saturday afternoon 15th February PNE was playing millwall just as it was finishing my father in law left to get back to his car he came up lowthorpe road and crossed blackpool road outside st Gregory's church but as he crossed he collapsed...
  17. northender0602

    Terror attack?
  18. northender0602

    Riva Showbar

    Anyone been?
  19. northender0602

    R.I.P Terry Jones
  20. northender0602

    So what did Santa bring you?

    I got Clarins to keep me beautiful. Yankee Candle and some Gluten free Goodies and Wine Hic!