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  1. Stoned Rose

    The Sun on Sunday

    Horrah, another "News"paper for the idiot masses. Long live ignorance, long live stupity. If you've bought it today check the middle section of your arm for your bum hole and well done
  2. Stoned Rose

    Has anyone ever met a Rovers fan who.......

    .........isn't a contender for the dullest twat in history award? Ok, I know a few and they are ok people, but if I was ever stuck in a lift with the most entertaining Bleakburn fan for more half an hour I’d cold blooded strangle the boring fucker with their own intestines if I had to listen to...
  3. Stoned Rose

    Bitter Citeh v the Rags

    Quite looking forward to his game, with ManUre after revenge after being turned over earlier on in the season. Citeh missing Yaya Toure might be vulnerable without their most influential player. No doubt all the pubs will be full of glory hunting cunts.
  4. Stoned Rose

    Euro 2012 draw

    There could be group that is: Spain Italy Greece Ireland The dreaded group of debt. Ba, boom, tish. I'll get me coat.
  5. Stoned Rose

    Why didn't this make the news?

    I know it has to be ratified by Parliament, and no doubt some one will come up with some reason to block this because as far as I'm concerned all those twats in Parliament are just out to protect the rich and screw the rest of us over but, well take a look. Here
  6. Stoned Rose

    BNP, fecking liberals.

    The EU should sink boats carrying illegal immigrants to prevent them entering Europe, British National Party leader Nick Griffin has told the BBC. What a load of utter shite, the Yanks & the Commies have recently agreed to cut back on Nuclear stockplies, why waste them, why not just wipe Africa...
  7. Stoned Rose

    Looking for Eric

    Great Movie, even if you hate Man U go and watch it, it’s hilarious.
  8. Stoned Rose

    Shed Seven @ Mancs Academy 4/12/09

    Stay On Standby for tickets On sale tomorrow morning. Top band.
  9. Stoned Rose

    New TV Series, CSI Burnley

    The plans to make a new TV series called CSI Burnley have had to be scrapped after producers found that no one there had any dental records and everyone had the same DNA.
  10. Stoned Rose

    Live Aid 2008

    The Ethiopian’s have organised a rock concert to raise money for the poor in Bumley. Bravo.
  11. Stoned Rose

    The New Continental Countdown(and its blog) Really hope they make a success out of this place as its a great boozer which I'm sure every Preston drinker who's ever spent a hot summer afternoon there, will have either (or both) a soft spot for or some happy memories. Went down the pan after...
  12. Stoned Rose

    Kings Of Leon Tour.

    Might go to the MEN gig, but bit close to Crimbo, so dunno. Not a massive fan but a few of mates are, any others on here, details.
  13. Stoned Rose

    Simons cat.

    Ever owned a cat or a cat lover? Enjoy: s13dLaTIHSg w0ffwDYo00Q 4rb8aOzy9t4
  14. Stoned Rose

    Feeder tour Might go to 21 October 2008 - Apollo, Manchester, bit pissed of its a Tuesday and not a weekend gig though. :(
  15. Stoned Rose

    Who's going to win the Prem Next Season/the Prem is shite thread.

    Man U are gonna win it, yawn. Chelsea 2nd. Liverpool or Arse 3rd. YAWN Maybe Newcastle, Villa or some others might break into the top 4, but really, will they? No, not really, the Prem is shite.
  16. Stoned Rose

    Kaiser Chiefs at the MEN on 30 Nov....

    ....and other dates. Just got some tickets myself, if anyone else wants some there going fast.
  17. Stoned Rose

    Wrap themselves in a flag and tell us all how great its is to be British.

    Wrap themselves in a flag and tell us all how great its is to be British. Cunts If it was up to me, I'd have their heads on stakes. And these cunts would be hung drawn and quatered after having a red hot lance shoved up their arse's. I'd get Medieval on the cunts.
  18. Stoned Rose

    Hamilton takes maiden F1 victory. Saw this lad racing in his carting days when he was a teenager, just after Ron Dennis decided to take him under the McLaren wing. Everyone back then could see that this young lad was going to be something special. Future world...
  19. Stoned Rose

    Should there be a regular music festival in Preston?

    After the success of Radio One's Big Weekend and the amount of people pissed off that they missed out, should there be a regular music festival in our home town and if so, where should it be and will the council pull their fingers out and set the ball rolling? Silly question maybe? Those of us...
  20. Stoned Rose

    Cliff Richard's Chinese Tour.

    Cliff Richard is touring a sell out tour of China and one day goes for a walk along the Great Wall when a fan spots him. “Arrr, Mistar Criff Ricard, I’m number one fan in whole of all of China!” he says ecstatically. “Really?” says Sir Cliff honoured that some one from such a far away land...