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  1. ged

    For all who have faith...

    Let this thread be filled with messages of hope, that just as our Lord freed the Israelites from Egyptian slavery, Paul Simpson can free Preston from it's 45 year exile from the top flight of English football. I'll start- Did you know that win or lose, when Paul Simpson leaves the ground on...
  2. ged

    Agyemang (merged)

    A scintillating display from Paddy. Turned what was looking like certain defeat into 3 points with his speed, skill and commitment. Simpson seems to be able to get the best out the big man, and if Nugent can continue his excellent form then these two can fire us into the Premiership. Well in Pat.
  3. ged

    Devendra Banhart - Orange advert.

    First 'At the hop' and now 'Little Yellow Spider.' Why did you have to do it? Why? I could understand if he was skint and needed the money. I will never listen to him again. Anyone involved in advertising/marketing can go to hell.
  4. ged

    The last 48 hrs of Kurt Cobain...

    Anyone watch this on BBC2 last night? Didn't really cover much new ground but I enjoyed it all the same. Great soundtrack aswell with my personal favourite Nick Drake song 'From the morning' featuring throughout, and some classic Daniel Johnson. Just wanted to know if anyone knew who the woman...
  5. ged

    McKenna- unbelievable

    Proved any remaining doubters wrong tonight. Every attack went through him, superb in the touch, played like a pitbull. If he can put in that kind of performance week in week out we're going up as champions. Whole team superb tonight. Nice one whites. We are superior.
  6. ged

    Leeds tickets...

    Quick question- I can buy a couple of Leeds tickets on the night of the game can't I? thanks in advance. anyone know?