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    iPad 6 screen repair

    I’ve cracked screen on my ipad 6 screen, any recommendations on somewhere to take it to get it replaced, thanks
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    PC Paul Elliot

    Great interview on BBC Breakfast this morning with the young girl, comedy gold about the referee last night i don’t know how to upload it but if somebody could it makes great viewing
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    Birmingham away

    Cheap train tickets just gone on sale, hopefully sky don’t pick this game, surely Leeds will get selected!
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    Alex Neil day at wigan anyone

    Think it would be great to show our appreciation
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    Cottam Way speed bumps

    Think Preston Council are trying to set a world record for the number of speed bumps on one road, anyone know why there's so many?
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    Memory Walk

    Hope its ok to post this on here On Sunday 16th September I'm doing the Memory Walk in blackpoo to raise funds for the Alzheimer's Society My father unfortunately suffers from dementia & is in a home. he has been a nobber all his life & first took me on 47+ years ago, I've been going on ever...
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    Hunts signs 3yr deal (Confirmed)

    As the title says, great news for everyone concerned. Very happy with this:)
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    Squad numbers

    Rudd No1, Hugill No9 Not sure if there's any significance
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    New manager in time for Bamber Bridge?

    Would hope we have a new manager in time for this game, could be a bumper crowd on now, was going anyway but think plenty more will go to welcome the new manager
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    Helpful staff!

    Just been to ticket office this morning at 10.05 to collect my tickets ordered for Huddersfield, 4 cars on the car park, pissing it down. 2 blokes at entrance to car park stop me, I tell them I'm just picking up some tickets, told me I had to park on left, about as far as you can get from ticket...
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    Orient Fans

    Great video on Twitter showing Orient fans taking the piss out of Arsenal's crisis. Sums up the difference between proper fans & soft arse glory fans. Don't know how to post it but sure somebody will be able to
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    Come on Burton

    A defeat tonight would leave plastics right in the shit, here's hoping
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    How much to leave PNE

    Much talk of Bailey Wright leaving for the money So, let's say your Preston born & bred & a professional footballer for PNE on £5k/week What offer/ wages would YOU accept from another club to leave your boyhood club? Be honest!
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    Huddersfield Wednesday 19th Oct

    Anyone know why this game is on a Wednesday instead of the usual Tuesday? Is is because it's between 2 long away games?
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    Brentford- sitting or standing

    What's the best option lads & lasses?
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    Garner to Rangers (Confirmed see post 1290)

    Been told by somebody in the know that it could happen today, hope it's not true
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    Fulham away

    Anyone know when sky announce live games, was looking at booking train down but live championship fixtures haven't been announced for that weekend yet
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    A call to all Shareholders of PNEFC!

    Trevor, you can have my shares for nowt. fingers crossed, good times just round the corner