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    Championship wages

    Just came across this in reddit. Our wage bill comes to almost T̶r̶i̶p̶l̶e̶ double our income. (Thanks Paddy) Can see more than a few teams on here that'll be in trouble after a season of no/fewer ticket sales. How the fuck are Reading still afloat and not falling afoul of FFP?
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    Outstanding statement this. Fuck the EFL
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    Homophobia in football

    Just saw this. Good, very upsetting read. Reckon football will ever get to the point where players will be comfortable coming out?
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    The Run In

    A table of each team's run in. Obviously the position of teams will change for better or for worse each matchday, but it looks like we've got a fairly tough one, with changes to gain on the rest of the playoffs and pull away from 7 onwards. Don't envy Derby's position though.
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    Released Jackson Irvine and Eric Lichaj, and Madison won't play for them either in the remaining games. Be a miracle if they stay up. Jackson Irvine would be a worthwhile signing imo. Proper decent midfielder at this level, liked the look of him at Burton.
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    Team for tomorrow

    Think we need to freshen up after a couple of defeats. Sinclair looked on a different level to the rest of the team when he joined but seems to have sunk to our level after a few games with no service. Time to bring a proper footballing brain back into the side now that he's fit imo. Rudd...
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    The Vegan Thread

    Better than the real thing. Tastes identical, without the gristle and shitty parts. I'd pick them over the real thing even if I wasn't vegan.
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    Central defence

    Who starts on Saturday? Huntington or Storey (assuming Bauer will be out until after the break). Both played well last night but I still think Davies and Storey have been shaky together in the last few months. My vote would be for hunts. I firmly believe a defence must have a blend of...
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    After that paddy power stunt they've revealed a sponsorless kit instead. Wish we could afford to do this, looks great and I refuse to buy shirts with a betting company on.
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    Came across a really good video on youtube earlier with Moysie describing his tactics at Everton. Not a bad watch for any of you who like looking into the more tactical aspects of the game.
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    Are we better then we were 12 months ago?

    Despite our position in the league, are we a better side than this time last year? We've only really lost Cunningham since then, and gained Potts, Stockley, Storey, Hughes and others I can't be arsed typing out. So are we better or worse? I'd say we're much more clinical at the cost of some...
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    Storey and Davies

    Is this our new Central defense? Or do we revert back to a fit Hunts or Clarke for the added experience and leadership? Tough choice really.
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    Maguire in provisional ROI Squad.

    Browne, Burke, Robinson and Maguire called up. Surely he won't be risked?
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    Keep the faith.

    Come on. That was shit but we're still missing our best player, and our second best wasn't 100% fit. Chins up lads. Pearson back soon, then Maguire before we know it. Tonight will bring about change imo. Remember that 5-1 loss to Brentford in 2016? We wrote ourselves off, prepared for the...
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    Neil shake it all about

    Sorry mods, couldn't help myself ;)
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    Has he lost the dressing room?

    No passion from the players today (bar the excellent Robinson, Gally and Earl). Strange selection, sticking with a couple of favourites despite Maxwell, Harrop, Barker all deserving a start more. I'm sure his abrasive, sometimes harsh managing works when things are going well, but when the...
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    La Liga games to be played in the states starting as early as this yea Sorry the quote is a little shit, it's translated from Spanish. How long until scudamore tries something similar with the PL again? Didn't he already go for it with the 39th game idea?
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    Interesting videos

    Came across these last night, couple of North end matches dating back to the turn of the century, 1904 and 1905 to be precise.
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    At the start of last season our defence was among the best in the country with only United letting in fewer goals. Obviously we're hoping to replicate that success in August but who do we go with? The fullbacks arguably pick themselves but there'll be some in favour of Earl and others for...
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    New squad numbers

    Not sure it means anything but PNE Twitter just posted a picture of Ben Davies in an interview while wearing a number 6 shirt. All but confirms Boyle's departure? Earl to get number 3? Maguire 9?