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  1. Barrington Horne

    Match Day - Brentford v PNE - 15/07/2020 - KO:17:00 - Championship

    Credit where it’s due, that Bananarama fella is some player.
  2. Barrington Horne

    Match Day - Brentford v PNE - 15/07/2020 - KO:17:00 - Championship

    Proactive early subs required here please Alex, we need two goals, don’t wait until they get a second. Stockley, Sinclair and Potts for to get the goal scorers on and go for the throat.
  3. Barrington Horne

    Match Day - Brentford v PNE - 15/07/2020 - KO:17:00 - Championship

    Just had the usual emotional bet on PNE. Potts first goal scorer, cheeky fiver on him, and a double......Potts first goal scorer and PNE to win 1 nil, 145 to 1. I actually went to the bookies to put the bet on, really winds me up that whenever I bet on PNE the guy behind the counter takes my...
  4. Barrington Horne

    Match Day - PNE v Nottm' Forest - 11/07/20 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Morning everyone, I’m up early again nervous as hell about the game. Too hard to predict the side but hoping that this is our winning ‘batch‘ and whoever starts or comes on does it to maximum effect. Our finishing was clinical against Sheff Wednesday and we need it again today if It’s a tight...
  5. Barrington Horne

    Why has it gone wrong?

    That my friends is most definitely the post of the year. Brilliant summary.
  6. Barrington Horne


    Sorry.....pressed wrong button above. I’m in via the I pad and all looks ok. I logged in via the app. Struggled and gave up via laptop. Hope you get on OK.
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  8. Barrington Horne

    Match Day - Huddersfield v PNE - 4/7/20 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Morning everyone. I’m staying ridiculously positive as always, going for a PNE single goal win. This original fixture was early April around my birthday and we had 11 of us planning to go on the train and have a few beers in Manchester before and after the game. Front room with my son and...
  9. Barrington Horne

    Transfer Window Overview - Summer 2020

    I’d love to know the strategy, structure, key stakeholders and timings around the playing staff and contracts, including recruitment and how this compares with other clubs? Don’t know if any posters have any intelligence or insight around this? I guess there needs to be some element of fluidity...
  10. Barrington Horne

    Can we get into a Play-Off place?

    The force is with us and the force is strong. We’ll win five games, we’ll make the play offs, Pearo will start getting sent off again, our strikers will start scoring, Gally and DJ will resume their penalty competition, someone will score a hat-trick for us, Darnell will re-instigate the art of...
  11. Barrington Horne

    Tom Clarke To Leave Deepdale (Confirmed)

    Thanks Tom, you gave everything in the shirt for the fans, the club and your teammates. This will never be forgotten. All the best for you in the future and hopefully your path crosses with ours and there’s some way you can receive the standing ovation that’s the least you deserve.
  12. Barrington Horne

    The trouble with following preston

    I’ve got yellow teeth. For roughly the cost of a PNE season ticket I could get my teeth bleached white by somebody decent. I’m seriously thinking about not buying the season ticket and getting my teeth done. However, I will still go on most of the away games cos we always have a good laugh and...
  13. Barrington Horne

    Match Day - Luton Town v PNE - 20/06/20 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Great to be back. Good luck to the lads. Should be a breeze.
  14. Barrington Horne

    Has Scott Sinclair Been A Flop So Far?

    It would create such a buzz and change in general atmosphere if Scotty could burst in to form and provide that creative spark to bring a good run of results back. Let’s have it right, he’s not done a right lot for us yet. There’s something magical about players who can run with the ball and...