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  1. sussexrob

    Music review

    My Brother in-law has just started his own record label Featherway music he has asked me what i thought of this group not really my music so any feedback would be great good and bad so i could relay it to him . If you are a in a band or a singer they are looking at new talent have look at the...
  2. sussexrob

    Is this Paddy?

  3. sussexrob

    Subs problem ?

    Anyone else having trouble with subs? My sub renewed in April as it should then some more was taken out in July and Today i have another email saying this sussexrob, thank you for purchasing the account subscription named PNE-Online Forum Patron at PNE-Online. We hope you will take advantage...
  4. sussexrob

    Neil To Brighton ?

    Looks like he is in the running for the job according to this report. Alex Neil Alex Neil recently signed a new contract with Preston The Scot was heavily linked with the vacant West Brom job. He put an end to the speculation by signing a new three-year contract with Preston last month. The...
  5. sussexrob

    Kick it out

    It is also understood the Preston players were unable to wear the shirts last week because none had been left in their dressing room by Reading staff...
  6. sussexrob


    Just caught up with martin Clunes new sitcom Warren and see it was filmed in and around Preston . Anyone see it being filmed and what area was it filmed in any one meet the cast gossip etc?
  7. sussexrob

    Fancy a move to Italy for €1 ?
  8. sussexrob

    Sausage rolls no 1

    C'mon time to forget Brexit ,there are more important things in life its nearly Christmas here is a bit of light-hearted fun for charity lets get it to No 1 instead of the usual Simon Cowell dross. Happy Christmas to one and all ……...
  9. sussexrob

    Who Farted ?

    Who smelt it first dealt it in my books. Gary Anderson & Wesley Harms deny farting accusations at Grand Slam of Darts
  10. sussexrob

    Four old ladies This is brilliant as well Phil will like this one .
  11. sussexrob

    Jon Parkin: How not to be a modern footballer.

    Interesting about Sedgwick, sounds like he could not get away quick enough. But as for the Beast a legend for me at PNE.
  12. sussexrob

    NHS gets 20bn Birthday present .

    Well good news all round if it is going to be enough differing opinions. Looks like the side of the bus was not a lie after all.
  13. sussexrob

    Tessa Jowell RIP

    Always seemed like a decent lady .Surprised Raefil has not posted about this coming from his beloved Labour party or is it because she was in cahoots with Blair.
  14. sussexrob

    Football christmas day.

    Nice article here I did not realise they played football on Christmas day and only stopped in the 1950s . A few paragraphs in history where we get a mention too . A good read if you have a few minutes...
  15. sussexrob

    PNE Advent

    Anybody on here won on the Advent that is getting sent out everyday this month. I was very lucky and won the signed Tom Clarke program, unfortunately they wanted me to come up and have a photo taken,for obvious reasons I could not make it . Glad I did not win Deepdale duck to visit my house he...
  16. sussexrob

    Abbot at the Ally pally

    Now is this racist or a bit of fun? For me he is taking the piss out of Abbott, what is he meant to do, she is black it had nothing to do with her colour, more about her not being able to add up. I wish folk would chill out and not get so precious about anything they think may offend...
  17. sussexrob

    Favour please

    Can I just ask everyone a huge favour? Those of you who are planning to put Christmas Lights outside your properties, please can you avoid anything blue and flashing? Every time I drive past, I think it's the police and have a mild panic attack.... I have to remove my foot from the accelerator...
  18. sussexrob

    Blackpool left behind.

    I know parts are a shithole but it can not be this bad surely.
  19. sussexrob

    Ever heard of Graham potter...........

    Never heard of him myself what a fantastic job he has done. How many more English managers are not getting the opportunities wasting our own talents for foreign managers.