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  1. Dirty Harry

    Happy New Year folks

    Just about to pour a rum and coke and watch a few episodes of 'not going out' (how appropriate) so will take the opportunity to wish all forum posters a happy new year. Health and happiness to everyone from DH and family.
  2. Dirty Harry

    Car scratch repairs - any advice?

    Hi folks - son came home with a few scratches above his rear bumper. Does anyone have any suggestions for decent car scratch repair companies in Preston? I've only needed this once and used chips away because they come to your house. Cost me £200 then but have no one to compare this to so don't...
  3. Dirty Harry

    Today's accas/footy bets

    I'll start with wins for Man Utd Swansea Swindon Oldham £5 pays out £64 if successful.
  4. Dirty Harry

    Alan Minter dies aged 69

    British boxing legend Alan Minter has lost his last fight, against cancer, at the age of 69. Alan provided some fantastic moments in a great era for middle weight boxing in the 1970s. I can still remember him being roared on by a very loyal and partisan following during many of his fights on...
  5. Dirty Harry

    Sky Sports sackings

    Phil Thompson, Matt Le Tissier and Charlie Nicholas have been sacked from Jeff Stelings Sky Sports show as Sky want to 'change the way we work.' Guess who the touted replacements are? Alex Scott, Micah Richards and Clinton Morrison. Hmmmm. (Didn't like Thompson, hated Nicholas and thought Le...
  6. Dirty Harry

    Maguire guilty in Greece

    Just been found guilty of aggravated assault, resisting arrest and several attempts of bribery.
  7. Dirty Harry

    Granada Reports' Tony Morris dies aged 57

    Tony Morris has passed away following a battle with cancer aged just 57. Always liked him presenting the local news and seemed a nice fella.
  8. Dirty Harry

    TV license for many over 75s to be scrapped

    Those over 75's who are not in receipt of pension credits are now to be expected to pay £153 quid for their BBC license. For those pensioners worried about COVID and having to queue with others in a post office to pay, it's OK, there is an on-line system being set up instead. My 87 year old mum...
  9. Dirty Harry

    Endowment mortgages

    Not the most riveting of threads, but I'm wondering if any posters have currently, or in the past, had an endowment mortgage? Our first house was only 35000 quid 24 years ago. We opted for the endowment type mortgage. We have since moved house a few times and have always opted for the straight...
  10. Dirty Harry

    Rock n Roll legend Little Richard dies, aged 87

    What a performer he was! His death has just been announced by his family, no other info yet.
  11. Dirty Harry

    The Stranglers Dave Greenfield dies of Covid, aged 71

    RIP Dave, thanks for some great moments. Saw the Stranglers live a few times. Superb.
  12. Dirty Harry

    Who are your three favourite actors/actresses of all time?

    Only allowed three. Doesn't have to be based on acting ability necessarily, can be ones who have simply brought you the most joy watching. Il go for.... Oliver Hardy Robin Williams Michael Caine.
  13. Dirty Harry

    Norman Hunter dies

    'Bite yer legs' sadly lost his battle with CV. Thanks for some great moments as a kid growing up in the 70s Norman. RIP.
  14. Dirty Harry

    Bill Withers dies aged 81

    Provided some fine moments. RIP
  15. Dirty Harry

    First single and first album you ever bought.

    First single - Slade - 'cum on feel the noise' early 70s, 45p I think from Brady's. First album - The Specials (this was late 70s as never really got enough pocket money before then to actually buy albums but I think it was £3.99.)
  16. Dirty Harry

    List your three favourite films

    Given that many of us will be watching lots of films over the coming weeks.......nothing unusual about my top 3.... 1. The Great Escape 2. The Italian Job 3. The Godfather 2.
  17. Dirty Harry

    Fury v Wilder II....your predictions?

    Would love Fury to win this one and hope he does, but have a feeling Wilder will land a big one at some stage. Wilder in six.
  18. Dirty Harry

    Kirk Douglas dies aged 103

    What a great innings! What a great actor this fella was! RIP and thanks for the memories.
  19. Dirty Harry

    The Guardian pick Gally in their EFL team of the Decade.

    Haven't got the link but this was in yesterday's Guardian. Their sports writers selected their team of the decade made up of players who have, at some point, played at various levels of the EFL. It's a terrific achievement for Gally. The line up is.... Kasper Schmeichal Luke Ayling Enda Stevens...
  20. Dirty Harry

    What car do you drive and how do you rate it?

    My deal is up soon on my Hyundai. I prefer smaller cars, and stuff like Mercs and Beamers are probably beyond my price range. Been happy with it but Quite like the look of the Peugeot 208 and Suzuki Swift. What car do you drive, and how do you rate it?