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    Luton tickets (Sold Out)

    Have I missed the news on this one? On mypne the tickets are on sale on a points basis but I've not seen how the categories are allocated after the initial release. I've got 300 points but have no idea when I can get tickets. Couldn't see anything on the offish site.
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    Brentford game

    Seems like ages since we had anything other than nostalgia to discuss. Has there been any updates on the injury situation for the weekend? Anyone passing Springies and seen Hughes or Maguire?
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    New Penalty rules

    Last year it was new kick off arrangements and where free kicks could be taken for offsides. This year it's a change to the sequence for penalties - rather than the usual "ABAB" sequence this year, and we could see this in the League Cup next week, it will be the "ABBA" sequence, a bit like in...
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    RIP Rene Artois

    Listen very carefully, I will say this only once... Gorden Kaye, Rene from Allo Allo, has died. A programme that was almost deliberately awful and yet always generated a good few laughs and lots of catchphrases. RIP Gorden.
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    Another clean sheet for Pickford

    Looks like Jordan has managed another 90 minutes without conceding a goal, playing for the u21s.
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    Fair play regulations

    Does anyone know how these actually work? I certainly don't. On here in the past few days I've seen comments that we can't sign players as we're near the top end of the FFP scale, and others suggesting that we could sign someone else if we get a good cup draw or get through to Wembley. Is the...
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    Anyone watch the new series (no, America, it's not a season) the other night? It's repeated on Sky1 tonight as a double episode. If you enjoyed the previous series you'll like this one too. It's good to have Jack back, and on the streets of London too...
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    Blades game

    A mate of mine who's a Sheff U fan has just told me that our televised game on Monday 17th will revert back to Saturday if they draw against Charlton in the cup this weekend and need a replay.
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    Season ticket books

    Anyone know if these are available for collection yet? This weekend is likely to be my last visit to Preston before the season starts so it'd be handy if I could collect mine.
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    Curle sacked at Notts County.

    Good. Horrible man. Apparently a business decision due to falling attendances...
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    The Bridge

    Anyone been watching this? It's the next in a growing line of police dramas from Scandinavia, following Wallander and the Killing, amongst others. It follows an investigation spanning Malmo and Copenhagen via the bridge that connects the two. It's subtitled but can be very funny, but also...
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    Anyone watch this on Sunday? New US drama series. In terms of tone and production values very 24-ish, and quite a few of the 24 production team seem to be involved. 1st episode was last Sunday, and is well worth a catch up. Fantastic opening performance from Claire Danes as a paranoid...
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    Anyone watch Coppers last night? Last night's was set in the town where I work, Worksop. Gave a pretty fair reflection of the town I thought...
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    Sam Allardyce Sacked by Blackburn Rovers

    Looks like the new owners flexing muscles...
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    Strachan leaves Boro...

    What are they going to do with all their useless jock players when a new manager comes in? Then again it'll probably be Mowbray who sold a few of them to Boro in the first place...
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    Why don't we incinerate one of the jabulani (sp) balls and a couple of vuvuzelas, and place the remnants in a small urn. Hopefully in 100 years we might be able to beat Germany at a World Cup...
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    Anyone else watched the series finale yet? I've watched it from day 1 and would have to say what a huge disappointment it was. It was trailed all series as "Answers are coming". I think the writers just gave up after the stunning series one and have been on autopilot since then, and just...
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    Pitch invader

    Did I dream that a fan ran the full length of the pitch yesterday? I can't seem to find any mention of it, so maybe I hallucinated it due to the ineptitude on the pitch. Quite impressive work by the stewards, who are obviously more concerned with air horns than stopping people running on.
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    Sony gigajuke

    I'm thinking of getting one of these gizmos to send music around the house. Anyone got one/ suggestions for an alternative?
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    What happened to the "new kit" thread?

    ...the one with the slightly blurry pictures of the new home and away kit - it seems to have vanished.:confused: