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    The so called big 4.

    To be fair its easy to write something that gets taken wrongly but was written without any inherent, harm, bias or prejudice intended. As witnessed by the current rumour that Ben Pearson refused to play - started by yourself!!
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    Young PNE fan taken way too soon

    So sad. Way too young. Condolence and blessing to his family who must be devastated.
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    That's who i was thinking of !! :) In fact i almost put for Dawson to head in. That was the style of play 2-3-5 ( although in todays parlance i guess they would call it 3-2-2-3) until i was 10/11 then from 66 onwards it was 4-2-4 or 4-3-3- and then for years 4-4-2. -
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    An confirms Ben Pearson to Leave .

    Michael Robinson. Immensely strong and direct for a youngster when he first broke through. Scared the crap out of some experienced centre backs and at the same level as now (i think).
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    Ah, those were the Days!! When the goalkeeper passed it to the full back who passed it to the wing half who passed it to the inside forward to switch it to the wing and for the winger to cross it into the Box for the Centre Forward to nod it in!!! Seriously, possession is over rated just for the...
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    An confirms Ben Pearson to Leave .

    Loved Francis Burns, real class. One of my favourites of the past 50 years. Obviously seen a good number of good Players in that time but he's (Burns) up there with Spav, Lawton, Haselgrave and Greegs, to name but a few and without too much thought. (plus BO'N) A couple more Years service & i...
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    An confirms Ben Pearson to Leave .

    Both top Players in there own right and as you say incomparable in different eras.
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    An confirms Ben Pearson to Leave .

    Bit disingenuous TBF and it depends how old and how long you've supported for and again TBF your probably not being literal. Personally I've done almost 60 years and definitely seen better but he's certainly one of the best over the last 10 years and without doing a tally i reckon he will be...
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    An confirms Ben Pearson to Leave .

    I always like that term Leg End instead of Legend. Definitely more Leg Ends than Legends!!
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    An confirms Ben Pearson to Leave .

    Have to say. read it as a typo!!!
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    Neil OUT

    I'm ambivalent about Neil but whilst he's still here and the Manager this is just another pointless/speculative or maybe even 'fishing' trip which we've had loads of!!
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    An confirms Ben Pearson to Leave .

    Agree. From our point of view we should try to get a fee now rather than let him leave for nothing in the Summer and he can also get on with Playing. However from his point of view that would severely restrict his options to whoever we can agree a deal with and that may not be where he would...
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    An confirms Ben Pearson to Leave .

    Maybe, but that could involve hardly playing for 6 months, not sure any good Footballer would want that.
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    An confirms Ben Pearson to Leave .

    It was from BenPearson is G,od so he should know
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    An confirms Ben Pearson to Leave .

    That's a nice sentiment Paddy and he's been one of our best Players over the last 10 years that's for sure. I will follow his career with interest as i've always been a big fan. He will be a big loss but as its his decision to leave it would be best if he goes sooner rather than later and...
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    Maguire up front

    Yes. And how long before these recent 4 signings are deemed not good enough and designated as Hemmings/Ridsdales and not AN's signings!! Maguire was good for a while after he settled in but since his bad injuries he is nowhere near the same Player and now offers very little to the Team apart...
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    Match Day - Bristol City v PNE - 16/01/2021 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    After the Evans debacle, i concur
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    That Trump fella.

    Is that no side effects? or Effect, no side!! :)
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    Should we loan out Bayliss?

    Totally agree up to this (the highlighted) point but AN has a long long way to go to get anywhere near the final part of your post.
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    Taking the knee

    Personally no problem what so ever with taking the knee in support of a cause and if i was young and active enough in sport i would do the same. Not so sure about standing with the clenched Black power fist, that to me is more political and not just a general 'i support your struggle'. Of course...