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    FA youth cup live on youtube.

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    Muslims gather for Friday prayers outside French Embassy in London

    The shits gonna hit the fan.
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    Terror inquiry after teacher beheaded near Paris

    What a crap world we live in. Ban all religion I M O .
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    Banks and fraud ??? FinCEN Files: All you need to know about the documents leak

    Full story.
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    Champions league final

    Live free on Youtube.
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    Players can be red-carded for deliberately coughing, say Ifab & FA

    Not to be sneezed at.
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    Is it legal for a shop to refuse cash payment ???

    Out to do a bit of D I Y shopping this morning and i've normaly always paid by cash, Homebase refused to take cash payments, as did Wicks. I finaly got what I wanted from B&M in Preston. I was under the impression that a shop could not refuse to take legal tender. Maybe some one on here will...
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    Lee Johnson: Bristol City head coach sacked by Championship club

    Lee Johnson has been sacked as head coach of Championship side Bristol City following Saturday's defeat by Cardiff.
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    Three questions.

    1 - when do you think the new season will start.? 2- Will we all be allowed back or will it be age dependent.? 3 - would you pay for a season if you had to watch games played behind closed doors.? ie i follow.
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    Black Trans Lives Matter' protesters hold march in London

    Why are they not being told to leave ?
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    'Three people stabbed to death' in Glasgow city centre
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    take a knee

    What happened to spenders thread re- will pne take a knee.?
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    Armed police at Ingol.

    Whats going on must be 10 police cars surrounding a black car, gun shots heard. thats all I know. oh its in Dovedale.
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    Happy St Georges day.

    Just thought I'd give it a mention.:)
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    Eastern Europeans to be flown in to pick fruit and veg

    Have we not got enough young people of our own sat doing nothing?
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    Harvey Weinstein jailed for 23 years in rape trial

    Throw the fucking key away.
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    How do I send private Message to another Patron?

    As it says on the tin.:)
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    Who else plays hoof ball?

    Apart from us at this level who plays hoof ball like we do ? Ive watched a lot of from the championship and below in league 1 and 2 but most of the teams do try to keep it on the deck, why is it we just hoof it and hope for the best.
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    Bob Willis: Former England cricket captain dies aged 70

    RTP Bob never forget you fella.