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  1. FredElseFlyer

    Lancashire put on highest, Tier 3, level

    As the title says
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    Just wanted to say that we have been quite pleasantly surprised by Ifollow. We have had no trouble at all throughout this nine game period. Really sorry it hasn't been the same for everyone.
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    Preston Grasshoppers

    Congratulations to the Hoppers. Champions this year and straight back up to National 3 North after just one season Sent from my SM-A310F using Tapatalk
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    Scam Alert

    Just had another scam call about the PNE shares I used to hold. Caller hung up when I challenged her. Just thought I'd warn folk that they are at it again. Sent from my SM-A310F using Tapatalk
  5. FredElseFlyer

    Jack Ryan

    Not sure if this has been done but Jack has gone on a youth loan to Stockport County.
  6. FredElseFlyer

    Chris Robertson to Vale

    As the title says it is on the LEP site now.
  7. FredElseFlyer

    Scam Warning

    A warning to all former PNE shareholders that the scammers are still at it. I have just this minute been phoned by someone asking about my "holding in Preston North End PLC." The number was "unavailable" and the speaker an Asian lady. So beware.
  8. FredElseFlyer

    Where are these Young Lads?

    Sorry if this is elsewhere (merge if it is mods). I noticed that the names of three of our young players where missing from the back of the programme yesterday:- Luke Clark Brandon Zibaka and Doyle Middleton. Does anyone know where they are?
  9. FredElseFlyer

    Patrons and Paypal

    Just to say that the paypal payment method for patrons donations is working again. I have just managed to renew.
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    Peter Ridsdale

    Saw him before the game in the Finney car park going from his car to the main entrance. I thought he was at Cardiff not Pompey. Anyone got any ideas?
  11. FredElseFlyer

    Callum Davidson

    I think we are lucky to have Callum in the squad as he is a quality player but is it time now to start looking for a replacement for him at left back? He missed a lot of last season through injury and now he is out again for several weeks with another hamstring problem. I think that his age is...
  12. FredElseFlyer

    Burnley pen yesterday

    Has anybody noticed Burnley fans rushing to apologise for having been given that softest of soft pens yesterday after Blake dived? No I thought not - what a bunch of whingeing hyppocrites.
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    There has been much general discussion on here about the state of our central midfield. The general opinion seems to be that Chaplow is great but we really have no one to partner him. Two questions then:- 1) Who would you bring in to partner Chaplow? and:- 2) Who would you bring in to cover for...
  14. FredElseFlyer

    No Team GB

    Football supporters organisation in the 4 home countries have got together to try to forstall any attempt to form a GB football team for the 2012 Olympics. The reason behind this is that there will then be great pressure from FIFA to disband the home nations teams and make us be represented by a...
  15. FredElseFlyer

    Butter Pies

    A special vote of thanks to Budgierustler. We exiles have long been parted from our butter pies, but thanks to Budgie's recipe I have persuaded my Yorkshire wife ( she is a PNE season ticket holder) to make me the pies. Heaven at last. Thank You. (I know this is sad, but I don't have to care at...
  16. FredElseFlyer

    Are we expecting too much too soon?

    I am wondering if we are all being over optimistic about PNE's chances this season. It is my opinion that the squad we have now is not as good as the one which took us to the play-off final nor even as good as the one which lost to Leeds a year later. We do have some very good players, but...