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  1. ben damph

    Action Records Documentary

    Short documentary here - some familiar faces and good memories included:
  2. ben damph

    We will go top at Elland Road

    :D I'm going to stick my neck out here (nothing to do with an evening spent in the pub honest) and say that when we beat Leeds we will be top of the league. It goes like this: We beat the Dingles Derby draw with Cardiff West Brom beat Birmingham We win at Elland Road and Bob's your uncle!:D :D
  3. ben damph

    We are the best home team in the division

    Shock, horror - another positive thread.
  4. ben damph

    Selection policy to change?

    Callum Davidson in LEP tonight: "I would expect the manager will now start picking teams just to win specific games. Games like going to Hull are totally different to playing teams like Southampton at home. I think that every match now, the gaffer will probably select a team that he thinks will...
  5. ben damph

    1,000 tickets for West Brom on Boxing Day?

    Hopefully this is just an opening bid!?