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  1. MrHodgeheg123

    Motherwell vs Rangers

    Anyone tuning in to see how Grezza and his team get on against SG's Rangers. Score prediction? I'm going 0-3.
  2. MrHodgeheg123

    Classic TV intros.

    What are your favourites? For me, The Equalizer with Edward Woodward Written by Stewart Copeland of The Police and Miami Vice by Jan Hammer. Back in the day, the tunes just made me want to watch the programme. The latter programme influenced my fashion sense in the early 80's. Pastel coloured...
  3. MrHodgeheg123

    The group/individual that's produced the most consistently great tunes.

    OK. It's a tough one this and it's not necessarily the genre of music you are personally in to. I have a really wide taste when it comes to music. I love Punk, I listen to AC/DC, Guns n Roses, Depeche mode, The Specials, ELO, The Beatles The Seekers, some classical, Prince, The Charlatans...
  4. MrHodgeheg123


    Watching Chisnall vs Van Gerwen. World Championship QF. Ven Gerwen getting a right tonking. Great match.
  5. MrHodgeheg123

    The age you are, the age you think you are and the age your body says you are.

    Ok. I'll make no apologies. I was on avftt forum hoping for a few laughs and I came across a thread of the same title and thought I'd nick it 'cause I thought it was a good one. I'll start. 58 35 45 I won't accept I'm nearly 60, think I'm as physically capable as when I was 35 but can probably...
  6. MrHodgeheg123

    The next eight games.

    Derby (A) Coventry (H) Forest (H) Bristol (A) Birmingham (A) Reading (H) Wednesday (A) Rotherham (H) On paper, not the worst run of fixtures and after which we could really be in the mix. Obviously this is Preston and we don't tend to perform as expected so how many points do you think well get...
  7. MrHodgeheg123


    Didn't realise it was on tonight till flicking through the TV guide. It use to be a nailed on watch a good few years ago but who cares any more? Anyone know who the candidates are?
  8. MrHodgeheg123

    Ignorant car driver

    To the individual driving the car with a personalised PNE plate about 11.30 this morning at the junction with Golden Hill Lane and School Lane in Leyland and who was the last of three people driving through on red while I was waiting to turn right. YOU'RE A KNOBHEAD!!
  9. MrHodgeheg123

    Spain 6-0 Germany

    As the title says.😲 Just turned on and saw the score and had to look twice. No one would have seen that one coming.
  10. MrHodgeheg123

    The Premier league so far this season.

    Liverpool battered at Villa, Pep's worse ever start, Man. Utd 6th bottom, Arsenal and Spurs mid table and Chelsea won two of their opening six games. Is the Prem. starting to become a level playing field or is it just wishful thinking?
  11. MrHodgeheg123

    The best track to get you a speeding ticket.

    It would take a while for me to pick my top ten but without too much thought my number one would have to be "She sells sanctuary" by The Cult. Not too many days go by without it blasting out in my car, earphones or Hi Fi. Awesome track. What's yours?
  12. MrHodgeheg123

    Leeds in the Premier league.

    Having watched the games they've played so far and currently playing against City, it pains me to say they're looking a top ten outfit minimum. 😱
  13. MrHodgeheg123

    Lionel Messi

    Being reported that he has "agreed" a contract with City for £124.6m/year. That's £14,200 an hour! Fuck right off. Obscene doesn't even come close. Hope City get relegated.
  14. MrHodgeheg123

    Predicted League Position 2020-21 Season (Poll)

    I'm surprised this hasn't been done yet (or have I missed it)? Maybe it's best to see what business is done in the transfer market first but where do all think PNE will finish this season? Maybe someone who's better than I can put a poll up. I reckon another glorious failure. 7/8th.
  15. MrHodgeheg123

    Steve Priest Found Dead

    Steve Priest: Founder member, Bass guitarist and backing/lead singer of the 70's Glam Rock band "The Sweet" found dead aged 72. The Sweet were my favourite band as a 12 year old with mainstream hits like Blockbuster, Ballroom Blitz, Teenage Rampage and the likes. Many know them as a...
  16. MrHodgeheg123

    Plumbers and Sparkies

    Anyone know anyone decent who won't charge a fortune? Two small jobs required in the bathroom. Replace the push type flusher on the bog and a pull string mechanism to the light. I'd do them myself but I'm shit at those sort of things and end up either flooding the house, electrocuting myself...
  17. MrHodgeheg123

    Sixty years ago today.

    I don't know if it's been mentioned elsewhere but it was Sir Tom's last game at Deepdale 60 years ago today. 2-0 win vs Luton in front of 30,000 fans. It's been a long and winding road for club and supporters alike since then. Who knows, if all the stars are aligned, next season we might be back...
  18. MrHodgeheg123

    My favourite all time rock chicks.

    I posted a thread a little while ago about the best UK female singers. I thought I'd do one for (as the title says) my favourite female rockers. A tough one, trying to put them in order but here goes. 1. Pink 2. Debbie Harry 3. Joan Jett 4. Anne Wilson (Heart) 5.Wendy James (Transvission Vamp)...
  19. MrHodgeheg123

    Best female UK and Ireland singer.

    Had a YouTube night tonight , listening to all my favourite tracks from the last 30-40 years. I'd forgotten the wealth of female talent this country has produced. They rank amongst my all time favourites from across the globe. My top three:- Alison Moyet Annie Lennox Adele. The A's have it.
  20. MrHodgeheg123

    Interest in our players from Germany.

    I don't know if there's anything in this but I read a small article in The Sun (yes I know) today stating Bayer Leverkusens chief scout has watched Davies and Barkhuizen three times already this season. No smoke without fire perhaps?