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    Ron Atkins

    Sorry to hear that possibly Preston’s best ever MP, Ron Atkins, passed away today. He was the oldest living MP at 103 years old and also the longest living MP ever. More importantly, he was just a lovely man.
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    Fantasy Football Club

    Just watching the Sky Fantasy Football Club show from last night - Simon Grayson was the studio guest. Some interesting chats with him, comes across as very relaxed, personable and witty. Will be repeated several times and on Sky Go and On Demand - well worth a watch.
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    Daniel Johnson Man of the Match

    Johnson is 14/1 to be man of the match on Sunday - ridiculously high but obviously still a risky bet. Bet Victor are the only ones pricing it up.
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    Bet 365 In Play Bet Offer

    Bet 365 are doing their offer again tonight on City against Barcelona. Have a pre match bet, place an in play bet to the same stake and if the in play bet loses they'll refund the in play stake - up to £50. I've done £50 on Man City or a draw at 3/4 - returns £87.50 and put £35 on Barcelona at...
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    Bet365 - risk free in play bet today and tomorrow

    For anyone fancying a potential pre Christmas boost to their Bet365 account. If you stake up to £50 pre match on the Liverpool game and then place an in play bet to the same stake and the in play bet loses they will refund the in play bet after the game. Same for tomorrow with the Chelsea game...
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    Bailey Wright - Australia squad

    According to this article I read it looks like young Bailey could be named in the 30 man squad. Not sure how not being able to go to the camp straight away will impact on him though...
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    World Cup Squad

    It's being reported tonight (from reputable sources) that Cole, Carrick and Cleverly aren't going and Lampard, Barkley and Henderson are. Presumably that means Shaw is going. Also rumours that Stones has been picked. I presume the rest of the squad picks itself.
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    Free Stream of Play offs - LEGAL

    I think I'm ok posting this as the stream is legal but feel free to remove if not. I've just had a message from Sky Bet that as long as you have an account with them you can stream any play off match for free via their app. My message said on your mobile but it came through on my IPad so it...
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    Bamber Bridge

    Leading one nil in the play off semi final - goal after 49 minutes from Waddecar
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    Spot Fixing (Updates: PNE #1 | Daily Mail #191 | LEP #438 | PNE #472)

    Statement from the club: Admin note: For legal reasons please be refrain from linking any individuals to this issue until/unless the information is confirmed and in the public domain - thank you.
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    Daily Mirror / Stan James free bet

    There's a free £5 free bet in the paper today, for use on Aintree races today. Just email with mirror as the subject and your username in the body of the email for your bet. For Cheltenham they did this for each of the days, so hopefully there'll be one on Friday and...
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    Sporting Heroes on Sky - Sir Tom

    Just a heads up that Sky are repeating their Sporting Heroes series, a number of in depth interviews that Dickie Davies did with various sports stars. One of them is with Sir Tom, being shown for the first time immediately after next Monday's game at 10:00 but on about 10 times over the week...
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    The National Football Collection

    Just a heads up about someone I follow on Twitter - @The_NFC, also has a website He has a large collection of football memorabilia, including some of Sir Tom's. I contacted him this morning about the possibility of displaying some of the items...
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    Stephen Parry

    Interesting to see Parry included in the World Cup squad. He's been consistently amongst the best T20 bowlers and definitely deserves a chance - whether he'll succeed remains to be seen but the pitches will suit him perfectly.
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    Liverpool tonight

    Anyone with an IPad and a Paddy Power account they're offering 2/1 on Liverpool to win tonight but only on the IPad app. They're odds on everywhere else so that's a really good price.
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    Josh Brownhill

    Just noticed that Brownhill is 8/1 to score at anytime tomorrow with Bet Fred. If he starts will be worth a small wager, especially if he plays off the forward(s).
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    My Special Day

    Like most people, my view of John Terry has never been that good but I would heartily recommend this weeks My Special Day on Sky Sports News. The way he and the rest of the Chelsea staff were with the young Irish lad was absolutely fantastic and drew more than the odd tear in our household. A...
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    Great Football Spoof Blog

    This website has just been pointed out to me. Maybe it's my warped sense of humour or I'm harking back to my Viz days but I found it very amusing in a childish way I suppose.
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    Miss of the Season?

    A contender for miss of the season from Gillingham's Adam Barrett - it probably was harder to miss!
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    Aaron Finch

    What a display of hitting - he's 152 and still going. You've still got chance to catch the highlights in the break between innings but he's been phenomenal. Edit - he was out as I pressed submit!