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  1. Harry

    Complaint to shop.

    Hi everyone. Sorry that this is in the wrong place. Does anyone have an email address, apart from the shop one, who I can complain to about shoddy online service from PNE.COM.???. Thanks guys. ?
  2. Harry


    Load of shit........
  3. Harry

    Central Radio online

    Hi `chaps` & `chap-esses`,:D Are Central not allowed to broadcast PNE matches online? I ask because I live in N.Wales and all day I kept checking the radio station online and re-checking and not had a problem tuning in to listen to their day-time programmes, although I did`nt stay tuned....I...
  4. Harry

    All Saints Day

    Saturday 1st Nov is apparently "All Saints day". Lets make sure it turns into "All Whites day" and beat Southampton.:rolleyes: Come on...:D