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  1. Lord Edgington

    Capital punishment

    The right thing to do as a punishment ? And is it a deterrent ? Discuss Lisa Montgomery: Killer who strangled mother becomes first woman executed on US death row since 1953
  2. Lord Edgington

    Who’s side are you on ?

    Halcyon days I think it’s a knockout pips it for me
  3. Lord Edgington

  4. Lord Edgington

    Amazon echo / Alexa

    As per the title Worth purchasing one ?
  5. Lord Edgington

    Street Wars: The Cone Wars

    Message to the cone warriors in and around the hospital Please stop Put them back in your garage or insert then somewhere the sun doesn’t shine. Had a little 20 minute exercise today and was amazed they are still “claiming their part of England” The angels up the road have a tough enough time...
  6. Lord Edgington

    Christmas jumpers

    Anyone found either buying, giving or wearing one should be thrown in the nearest bin. Message ends
  7. Lord Edgington

    Lovely things in a

    world that sometimes seems so hostile. This is why we were put on this earth I think, to know that people can make babies hear and to utterly enjoy the purity of moments line this Moment baby's hearing aids are turned on
  8. Lord Edgington


    Book the Wembley hotel for the play offs and travel now or take the chance of automatic ? It’s a dilemma isn’t it?
  9. Lord Edgington

    Curfew at beacon fell.....

    Trundling round the fell today and spotted a petrol station Being old I had a double take I cannot remember a petrol station I thought So took another look The nice security guard explained they are filming this For star struck types it may be worth a drive past ...
  10. Lord Edgington

    Season tickets next season

    Allegedly prices frozen Available from this Tuesday I suspect coming 7th will result in a similar take up as this season?
  11. Lord Edgington

    Labour lovers....

    .......enjoy The British Broadcasting Company - channel two this evening at nine PM Suitably posted on the labour centric section of the forum I feel? Enjoy
  12. Lord Edgington

    Apple Watch ?

    Sadly I am an Apple bitch and to complement my phone etc I was thinking of buying an Apple Watch but at £400 plus I would really appreciate a few views from you good people. Especially anyone who has raced and rallied one as a good user review In anticipation I thank you Ps I am gullible and...
  13. Lord Edgington

    Out of office ?

    So Where are we on this ? A positive thing to enable free thinking on mental Heath Or A potential to unlock time off for those not so affected
  14. Lord Edgington


    Out of curiosity does anyone else still play Subbuteo or am I simply a relic who has no interest or ability to play Fifa 17 or whatever the latest video game is? There's nothing better than getting my Subbuteo out and imagining I am sir Tom just lining up a 93rd minute FA cup winner ! (Complete...
  15. Lord Edgington

    Audience participation?

    Visited media city tonight to be part of the audience for Mike reids pop quiz (for those who remember the 80's) to be shown over Christmas Most enjoyable seeing it filmed and how they do it So out of idle curiosity who has seen or participated in a filming and what is your biggest name drop...
  16. Lord Edgington

    The songaminuteman

    Listened to this heart warming story on the Graham liver show this morning Fantastic And what a deserving cause?
  17. Lord Edgington

    The town end and its......

    ........public masses has always been for me a place of what appears to be camaraderie and joviality for the working classes? But - as a one off I am this evening to break the shackles of the executive lounge, a prawn sandwich and a chilled glass of krug and position myself with the masses in...
  18. Lord Edgington


    If you get the chance to watch the film about Seve Ballesteros please give it a shot What a driven, talented and amazing man Fascinating viewing I just wonder in golf today if a young person could reach such dizzy heights from such humble beginnings?
  19. Lord Edgington

    Police and guns

    Another shooting in America - this time in Charleston When you watch the video the deceased is cleary running away not toward the cop and is totally un armed I guess there was no defending the Policeman in this...
  20. Lord Edgington

    Happy birthday....... Dai Vader May the jelly and cake be with you