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  1. JJ_PNE

    Coventry on red button?

    Anyone know if the Coventry game is on the red button? Midweek game but skysports app doesnt seem to show what games are on. Thanks
  2. JJ_PNE

    We will make the playoffs

    I think we should all be positive and get behind the team and by positive thinking we will make the playoffs. (dont think theres been a positive topic like this for a while)
  3. JJ_PNE

    Lucketti and Ifill

    i was speaking to a guy after the West Brom match today and he claimed he was mates with derek shaw and he'd been speaking to derek shaw and shaw didnt deny lucketti was coming in, in jan on a free and admitted he was coming in to help out the young lads while mawene is out, something along...
  4. JJ_PNE

    Song before game

    anyone know what the name of that dance song was before the 2 teams came out? it was on before that usual death march tune (dont know the name of it)