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  1. California_PNE

    the army

    Don't know where to post this but recently watched a film called 'Kajaki'; documenting the story of a team of British soldiers who happen upon a small mine field during the Afghani conflict. It's a difficult film to watch but really depicted the extreme stress of the extraordinary danger the...
  2. California_PNE

    Gregan or Pearson?

    Few reminiscent threads at the moment and struck me when thinking about talismanic greats that Ben Pearson, for very obvious reasons, is very highly regarded. When a young nobber Sean Gregan was exactly the same for me, I couldn't wait for the weekend to observe this giant of a man dominate a...
  3. California_PNE

    Corry Evans fractured skull

    Blackburn midfielder Corry Evans suffered a fractured skull and shattered eye socket after he was caught by a high boot in the Championship draw against Preston. Saturday's game was halted for several minutes following the collision with Preston captain Tom Clarke. The Northern Ireland...
  4. California_PNE

    Basic income of £48 a week in UK urged Every adult in the UK should receive a weekly basic income of £48, according to the recommendations in a new report. The move could be paid for by scrapping more than 1,000 tax reliefs, a report by Professor Guy Standing, a professor at SOAS...
  5. California_PNE

    iFollow Season Pass Auto-renewal

    Just had an email for iFollow, just be aware anyone who had a season pass last season iFollow auto-renew your pass and take the cash unless you request them not to. I didn't know they did this, think it's unnecessary. so just sharing the message if you didn't want to renew: "You do not need to...
  6. California_PNE

    Kevin Davies at Southport, BBC article

    really enjoyed reading about Kevin Davies' experiences as a manager!
  7. California_PNE

    No injuries, no suspensions

    So for the first time this season it looks like north end will face a Saturday without a first team squad member out through injury or suspension. So this does beg a question - what is our strongest starting xi? and bench? For me: Rudd Fisher Hunts Davies Cunningham Pearson Gally Browne...
  8. California_PNE

    Endangered or extinct football moments

    Over a Christmas drink few friends and I realised the following has mysteriously disappeared from the game... - the contested drop-ball - Obstruction, ref! - a ball stuck underneath bodies usually resulting in a contested drop-ball restart - the indirect freekick - where has this gone? -...
  9. California_PNE

    Chris Kirkland Far too many North Enders had a lot to say about this fella; going way way over the top on many occasion. Good read. Solid fella. Keep strong Chris.
  10. California_PNE

    David Moyes

    Pretty good article by a generally excellent journalist: First of all I'm not in the 'i'd have him back tomorrow' camp. It is however extremely sad to see what-a-fucking-mess he has made if his career since leaving pne, tongue-in-cheek a bit maybe...
  11. California_PNE


    Some fella has produced a Lego version of all 92 football league grounds. Every credit, maybe not something that'd get me out of bed but we'll done sir; deepdale looks fantastic. This got me thinking, do we actually appreciate the beauty of deepdale...
  12. California_PNE

    COACH parked in driveway of Preston home

    couldn't believe my eyes... little trip home and see a flaming full-on-coach parked on someones drive, arse of it sticking out hanging over the pavement, looks a proper mess its on blackpool road, lea end, anyone seen it? surely, this can't be right?
  13. California_PNE

    Comments on Lancashire Post website

    Anyone else noticed or read in pure bemusement the blazing row the inferno of hate that goes on on the LEP comments section on pretty much most of the articles? There seems a gang who consistently have the pettiest bickering rows on any north end article. Just wondered if anyone had seen this...
  14. California_PNE

    Ex players behaving badly

    I'm not delighting in Kev's misfortune: Remember he was a fairly decent player. Anyone got any more stories on explayers?
  15. California_PNE

    Pie Muncher from 1995

    a mate of mine (Carlisle United supporter) was clearing out some stuff and sent me a load of pictures of an old Pie Muncher could cheer us all up enjoy! (hosted on an unmonitored google+ account)
  16. California_PNE

    new member posting problems

    all i have some pie muncher fanzine pics i want to share on the forum but im not allowed or my account is not allowing me to post with attachments any help would be appreciated